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7 Hidden Benefits of UX Design

Although initially the importance of UX design was underestimated, with time, more and more companies started realizing that the better the user experience is, the more profits they’ll get. It doesn’t matter if you have created an unparalleled product if the potential customers leave your website after just several seconds because of the poor design. There’s a reason why all the most popular websites and apps have an excellent UX design. To start your adventure with UX design, you don’t need to have extensive experience with the tech industry. You need a reputable UX design company to guide you. There’s also no need to attend university classes for several years – instead, you can check out the course at Career Foundry. In a second, you’ll learn about 7 hidden benefits of UX design. Let’s go!

What’s Important?

Even if you think that you know your customers, you might have a tendency to oversimplify their behaviour and characteristics. Discovering the things that the visitors are after making it possible for you to focus on the aspects that actually matter. This way, you can create a more intuitive user experience.

Solving problems before they occur

User-centred designs allow you to detect and fix problems that users might encounter before they have to deal with them. It is sometimes the case that the design of a website might seem incredible, but just a few minutes of browsing reveals that there are some hidden problems. It could be that the potential customers have to click through too many websites to access the page that they actually want to visit. If the customers don’t even get to the page where they can purchase your products, then your business will experience financial problems soon.


If you are running a blog about the real estate markets, then your audience could be a little bit surprised, if below the article, apart from the possibility to share it on Facebook and Twitter, there was also Tumblr included. Nothing against Tumblr, it’s just that in the public perception, people who are considered to be experts in the financial world don’t use Tumblr. Is it necessarily true? Not really, though it would create a sort of a disharmony that could affect the shareability in a negative way. If you want to create a brand, then it’s best to create a coherent image.

Avoiding wasting resources

Making sure that users don’t come across some major issues can help you avoid wasting money. Even if you purchase ads on well-known websites, but also increase the visibility of your product by contacting influencers, then the effects could be diminished by a website that will scare away all the potential customers. Only if you create a design that will delight the visitors, making their experience as little annoying as possible, will you be able to reap the benefits of the money spent on marketing.

Avoiding complexity

Focus on the user experience can help you avoid wasting your money, but at the same time, it can decrease the costs of the development of the website. Even if the design that you have created is not unnecessarily complicated, it is still possible that you could achieve the same results with a design that wouldn’t require the same amount of time and effort. It wouldn’t hurt the experience of the users, but you could use the time saved for other more useful activities.

Increase the retention rate

It is no surprise that if your website is hard to navigate, with too many unnecessary pages, then the retention rates of your website will suffer. In 2020, people expect to spend not more than a minute looking for a piece of information that they are curious about. Even if your website takes 2 more seconds to load than the website of your competitors, you will soon note that the retention rates are sharply dropping. It might be especially problematic if you are selling some kind of product on your website. Even if your company has spent an insane amount of time on developing a product that is in every way superior to that of your competitors, then it will be all for naught if the customers leave your website after just several seconds.

A credible design

Have you ever visited websites where you can find some information on how to make some money without any effort? The content of those websites caused you to be mistrustful, but so did the design. If you visit a website of a marketing agency or a company that deals with artificial intelligence, you will discover that both the content of those websites, but also the design will tell the same story. If you create a coherent package, then your website will become more credible in the eyes of the visitors.