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7 Incredible Ideas For The Perfect Birthday Gift

Looking to purchase the perfect gift – birthday gifts for husband or gifts for her – read these tips to do just that below.

1. Make A List
The first thing to do is list all that the individual you are gifting is interested in and defines their character. It does not have to be a very long one, but take around two minutes contemplating these things and writing them down. Then brainstorm what will suit each of what you listed. The objective is not to use them to help you come up with cool ideas for the perfect birthday gift so that the other person sees how thoughtful you were and is appreciative of your gift.

Are they a grammar nerd, obsessed with Game of Thrones, like watching Doctor Who, love manger, or find joy in cooking? All these can be a source of inspiration for the gifting ideas you seek. You could get a printed bag, a Doctor Who action figure, or a GOT-inspired outfit. It is possible to find something perfectly tailored to the person’s interests or preferences at We have a plethora of products that you can quickly sort by interest to find what you believe is the perfect gift.

2. Look To The Past
A gift exchange participant was gifted a special mug commemorating a special moment. It looked simple and was small but had a considerable impact that brought her to tears. A couple at the Secret Santa event turned a picture they had taken into a large canvas print that would go on display in their home. Another couple got their match’s childhood by Nintendo 64.

That person you are thinking of gifting could be someone that graduated from college recently. Doing a bespoke framing for their diploma for it to go on display can be the perfect gift. Alternatively, you can think of a Nintendo-inspired item, a fun Pokemon figure, or Sailor Moon. If it is a child, they will relish having a lucky charms box out of which they can eat marshmallows.

3. Put Together A Care Package

One gift exchange participant in last year’s Secret Santa come up with a care package to help his giftee, who had an upcoming eighteenth birthday, become a man. For another aspiring to become a published author, she received a writing themed package with different gifts of various sizes to help her achieve her dreams. The point here is you should take the time to think broadly about the person’s needs, aspirations, and life goals.

What does a successful business person with a super busy schedule need? They would die for more time to do other things. Therefore, you can think of different products that can help them run their lives and manage their time more efficiently. Suppose your small sister is in nursing school. You can put together a survival kit uniquely designed for a student nurse.

Keep in mind that gift baskets are famous for a reason; there is something special about putting together a collection of themed items. You can pick one thing, and instead of looking for what else will complement it, you can identify other smaller items based on that one thing and put together something cohesive for gifting a person.

4. Do Some Stalking
If you lack in the inspiration department and you need help, then consider stalking the person. If you are no stranger to Secret Santa exchanges, then you know what this is all about. However, have you ever tried it on your family or friends?

Some people will have a wish-list on, and their joy will be over the moon when they receive something they have wanted, and it comes without asking. The feeling is way special when it is something they might have forgotten they dreamed of owning.

You can stalk them online by going through their social media interests, checking for posts where they have commented like “OMG I NEED THIS.” Pinterest can be a gold mine if they have an account. Better yet, you can check with Reddit, if you know their username, to discover what they have posted or commented on or their wish-lift on Reddit gifts marketplace.

5. Make The Present An Event
Gifting is often about getting creative with the packaging. Instead of handing the gift wrapped the standard materials, make it something that will evoke some excitement. You also can avoid taking the conventional hand-over approach and opt for a scavenger hunt type of thing. You can hide a secret message in a novel that sends her to the gift card code.

If you have the skills, you can sew the present into a massive stuffed dolphin for him to do surgery on it and reach the gift. Overall, do not underestimate the fun and excitement that comes with unwrapping presents. Quantity can match up with quality when you have small, uniquely wrapped items.

6. Make It An Experience
She Loves Hunger Games but already has books, movies, and movie posters. The next best thing you can do is buy her tickets to watch the show. A mystery guide type of gift, one that will send him to a restaurant to find a special, fully paid meal course awaits with a gaming session at the arcade after that can be a memorable gift.

7. Make Them Laugh
If you think of giving your liberal friend a Kindle, get a copy of Sarah Palin’s autobiography and hide the Kindle in it; then wait and see her face light up with laughter. If he loves French fries or mashed potatoes, get him 22 pounds of fresh potatoes. The idea here is to think of something novel like a unicorn sprinkles dispenser, shark-fin ice cube tray, hilariously naughty T-shirt, or 3D dinosaur cookie cutters.

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