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7 Key Benefits of Podcast Advertising Online

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Are you struggling to improve your company’s brand awareness and attract qualified prospects? You might want to consider advertising your brand using podcasts.

Compared to other marketing strategies, business podcasts offer the chance to engage customers and run cost-effective advertisements.

However, you need a platform that makes podcast advertising online easier. Join Podbean Ads Marketplace today if you own an enterprise podcast or want juicy sponsorship deals to market your content.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of using podcast marketing to advertise your business online? This guide has all you need to know.

7 benefits of podcast advertising online

Here are our top seven benefits of implementing podcasts to promote your business online.

1. Attract qualified prospects

By qualified prospects, we mean attracting people likely to make a purchase. The reason is that business podcasts usually center around a niche with a target demographic or listeners group with a common interest.

Experienced podcast advertisers know this truth and always go for business shows with the audience persona they want. Podcast advertising online offers you the exact audience you want, and it’s up to you to decide how to engage them.

For example, imagine contacting a parenting show to promote your playground. We know playgrounds themselves are for kids; the parents are the ones who will bring them there.

2. Improve your brand awareness

Selling within a competitive marketplace is a common challenge many advertisers face. It is even more challenging when you run a startup with low visibility in the online space. However, podcast advertising can solve that.

Start by appearing on popular business podcasts and offering engaging, valuable content whenever you can. You don’t have to be promotional all the time.

Eventually, people start to notice you and gradually try out your products. You could use the features and interviews to even start your private podcast.

3. Leveraged credibility

Leveraged credibility is another benefit of online podcast advertising, similar to our discussion. Imagine a small clothing brand that posts its advert on a popular lifestyle podcasting show. What do you think would happen?

Some listeners would probably purchase their clothes! And that is not because they trust the clothing brand but because they believe in the credibility of the show host’s verdict. It is called leveraged credibility and is a significant edge that podcast promotions offer.

4. Cost-effective advertising

Marketers that run heavy advertisement campaigns with a low ROI will understand how cost-effective podcast advertising online can be. It is relatively cheap to set up, especially if you own a podcast.

Businesses without a company podcast also have the option to negotiate for sponsored ads with already established podcast shows. It’s usually a success when you consider how targeted the campaigns are.

5. Flexible advertisements model

This point just further buttresses the benefits of podcast advertising online. There is no one way to advertise using podcasts, and that is an advantage that allows creative marketing techniques.

It also indicates an equal sales model to allow smaller podcasts to compete in the advertisement space. Besides, we have different sponsorship payment plans enabling ad sponsors to pay per featured episode for every 1000 downloads or an affiliate commission-based scheme. A fair playground for every business!

6. Results-oriented campaigns

Podcast ads are a cost-effective marketing method, offering real-time analytics to measure your advertisement success.

Podcasting ensures more effective results since you can easily access audience analytics like the number of impressions and clicks. It saves you from having to make unnecessary predictions and provides actionable tactics to increase customer engagement.

Besides, podcast sponsors can use data to evaluate their ad campaigns and avoid wasting resources on unproductive ads. 

7. Short-term and long-term potential

The short-term and long-term effectiveness of podcast advertising is often overlooked. When you purchase ad slots on a TV or radio program, it only plays for the specified duration and the number of days or weeks.

But that is different when using podcasts to advertise your business. The ads are slotted between episodes and remain online on media directories unless the host deletes them.

Therefore, it’s possible that a prospect comes across your ad long after you created it.

The best podcast advertising online strategies

Now that you know the benefits of podcast advertising online, let’s explain how to advertise your business with enterprise podcasting.

1. Find a relatable podcast show within your niche

Podcasting shows have the potential to get podcast sponsors looking for a targeted audience within their niche. That does not mean podcast advertising online with shows outside your niche would not work. No, they might, but the chances of getting qualified prospects are slimmer.

2. Negotiate payment model

After finding a podcast to advertise your business, the next step is negotiating a payment plan that suits your company’s size. For instance, smaller enterprises would want a value-based sponsorship plan. It is a payment per featured episode agreement, regardless of the number of downloads or views.

3. Send recorded ads and product samples

Podcast shows have two basic ways to include your ads in their content. You can choose either a host-read or radio-style format. Sponsors picking radio-style adverts must send their recorded ads to the show host. We also recommend that all businesses send product samples to the podcaster regardless of ad type so they have personal experience to speak about.

4. Keep in touch

There are a few situations where you need to tweak your podcast advertisement process. Analytical metrics help which is why we advise sponsors to maintain communication with the show’s hosts.

Check through available data to know what promotional techniques are working. Sponsors working with multiple shows can also use data to determine whether they should continue with a show.


The increased potential to attract quality prospects and improve brand awareness are reasons to try podcast advertising online. Business podcasts are less expensive, easy to set up and offer returns in the short and long term run.

Moreover, companies without a podcast can even opt for sponsored ads on related shows. Negotiating a good payment model and finding a podcast with your target audience is all that matters. Start using podcasts to advertise your business today.