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7 New and the Latest Trends in Web Development to Outline 

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With so much advancement in the field of technology and science, web development procedure has got a major boost up. The web is something that is regularly growing and evolving each and every day. The needs of people are changing and so are changing the procedure and techniques of web development. Not only web development, but app development has also got a major boost up in the recent trends. While some trends have come and stayed forever, some are lost when there is a new alternative to the existing trend. 

Personalized approach to web design and development

Gone are those days when web design and development followed a strict uniform pattern. This has been replaced by customized styles and designs as per the requirement of the user. Nowadays a software development company tries to stand out when it comes to designing the web or application development. 2017 is that era, where web developers do not just only adhere to Google and SEO guidelines. They try to come with ideas that are aesthetically pleasing, layouts that are easy to use and navigate and attract consumers in a better way. 

Real-time technology 

Real-time everything is a new trend that is gaining popularity with each passing day. Data, analytics, services, news- everything follows this technology. Almost all the platforms that are built on real-time technology platforms are an inseparable part of our lives these days. Though the technology has been under constant changes and updates, the popularity of real-time everything has come up very recently. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ are the ideal platforms that provide faster ways of communication, notification, updates, and the latest news related to all the fields. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is the network where physical objects are embedded with the help of technology. This is the technology where objects interact with each other and also with the environment. By linking the objects, one can collect data and also exchange data with each other. This can be considered as one of the most important web development trends these days. This can be considered as the next industrial revolution where more devices are connected and accessed in the network. Be it smart household appliances, industrial equipment, or any other domain, the Internet of Things has brought about a new change in this domain. A recent survey has come up with the fact that 50% of IoT development is done by startups for the last three or fewer years. 

Responsive web designs 

Gone are those days when different websites were built for mobile and desktop-based use. Responsive-based web designs are the ones that can be accessed on devices of every size. This has eliminated the need for opening your laptop, every time there is a requirement to check a particular website. These kinds of designs have made it easy for people to access the web when they are going to schools, colleges, offices, or having their lunch at the cafeteria. The sites are coming with designs that are user-friendly and easy to access at the same time. The web design domain is experiencing advancements every second, so people will soon come out of the need to carry their laptops or check their desktops for every requirement. 

Low-code development platforms

Low-code solution is the latest trend that is changing the way businesses look at application development, return on investment, and interaction with customers. There is an increase in the complexity of business websites, people are looking for applications that are less complex and also offer efficient performance at the same time. A recent survey has come up with the fact that 80% of the people have very limited knowledge when it comes to programming. So they look for solutions that are developed with low code and can be integrated with the enterprises’ software. Low-code platforms make it seamless and hassle-free to experiment with new kinds of designs. It is very easy for businesses to control the back and front end of operations, manage the requirements of the customer in different stages of the web development process. 

Virtual reality web development 

Integration of virtual reality in the web development domain is another trend of the era. The concept of the virtual industry has already brought a revolutionary change in the gaming industry. The gaming sector has already seen a lot of changes and more are yet to come. These days game development outsourcing companies try to integrate virtual reality in all the projects they design. Companies like Mozilla, Google are already transforming the web with the help of this technology. Further, Facebook has already introduced social interaction in Virtual Reality with the help of Oculus Rift. 

Introduction of artificial intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence is just not a word that keeps on buzzing in our ears. In recent years, technology giants like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have adopted this artificial technology. While Google uses artificial intelligence to improve search engine algorithms, Wikipedia is also using artificial intelligence for identifying incorrect data in all the articles. Most of the renowned companies these days are taking the help of AI to improve their products and services. This can be considered as a revolutionary change that is taking place in this domain. 

Other development trends that are changing the way developers work are rapid content management, mobile-first approach, microservices architecture, enhanced security in development, motion user interface are some of the advanced trends that are coming into existence to meet the modern advancements of the world. The constantly evolving technology has always come up with new kinds of changes and there is a constant need to make the web development process simpler yet easy. It is very important for web developers to be updated with the latest trends so that they can provide the best services to their clients. There is a lot of competition in this domain, so one needs to keep them updated to keep them separate from the others in the market. This will not only enhance their expertise but also help businesses to stay updated with the latest fruits of technology.