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7 Reasons Why Online Casinos Are Becoming The Biggest Gambling Trend

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For many of us, the Internet has made most of our daily activities easier: why carry bags home from the supermarket, when you can do your shopping online? Why mess up the kitchen, when you can bring the restaurant home at the touch of a button? Why go to the cinema, when you can watch any movie you want in your pyjamas and slippers? Well, the same thing has happened to some casino players: why not have the casino experience but from the comfort of your own home?

It is this very question that has enabled the growth of online casinos such as the leading online casinos in Canada over the last few years. Although land-based casinos are still very attractive to casino lovers, the truth is that sometimes going to the casino can be very expensive and complicated. That’s why it’s often more tempting to play from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are and whenever you want, without having to fork out large sums of money or worry about etiquette codes.

With the advancement of financial technologies and online gambling regulations, playing at an online casino with a certified gaming license is nowadays completely safe and secure. If you want to play online casino games, you can do so at an online casino with an international license, such as Lottofy. 

But even if online casino betting allows you to play from your home, this does not mean that playing online casino games is like playing against a computer. Quite the contrary: thanks to the latest innovations in gaming technologies, within an online casino you can participate in real casino tables that are recorded live, betting alongside other players simultaneously and with real dealers guiding the game. That said, some of the reasons why online casinos are becoming popular are:

1. They are easily accessible.

This advantage is probably one of the main reasons why players prefer online casinos. Once you have an internet device, it is possible to access an online casino, regardless of your location. This may seem redundant, but it is not: not all territories allow the establishment of land-based casinos, so in many countries, it is not possible to gamble in a land-based casino. To be able to play, several people travel miles to get to them, especially since they are only allowed to operate in certain designated areas. 

In contrast, online casinos are perfectly legal to gamble in most countries. This means that, for many players, online casinos are practically the only way to play games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc.  However, it is very important that, before playing, you make sure that it is a casino that complies with the corresponding international gaming licenses and regulations.

2. Online casinos offer a wider variety of games.

Another reason why many players choose an online casino over a land-based casino is that they offer more variety of games. The variety of games is very important for players at a casino because it increases their chances of winning. 

There are several online casinos with hundreds of online games. However, access to all games depends mostly on how long the customer has been playing. Although access may be different for some others, it depends on the terms and policies of the online casino itself.

3. Online casinos help to save money.

Most players do not realise the cost of visiting a land-based casino. Apart from taking up a lot of time and, in many cases, having to comply with etiquette codes, visiting a land-based casino requires money for transportation, depending on how far it is from where the player resides.

Furthermore, even if the player arrives at their destination, they will most likely stay in a hotel; then there is the issue of food, drinks, etc. All of this adds up to large expenses when it is checked. However, these expenses do not occur when playing at an online casino. In the comfort of home, anyone can relax and try their luck, even in their pyjamas.

In addition, many games offer the possibility to play free trial versions before betting real money, which allows you to familiarise yourself with the dynamics of the game and gain more experience in order to become an expert player. Many experts, for example, recommend trying out free slots games before you start betting real money, as this allows you to improve your gaming strategies and make the most of your bets.

4. It offers various deposit options for players.

Another reason why many players opt for online casinos is that there are more options for depositing; this includes banking apps, transfers and other Fintech services. 

In addition, most casinos are not picky when it comes to players’ currencies. They are willing to accept multiple currencies, regardless of the country. 

Among the various deposit options, cryptocurrencies are not left out. A good number of online casinos are willing to accept virtual currencies for deposits ranging from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BNB, etc. The preference for virtual currencies depends on the online casino you sign up for.

Land-based casinos, however, are not subject to the same theory. It is mandatory to convert cash to the currency the casino accepts for play. Also, after depositing at the cashier, you may have to convert cash into chips before playing; it is a rather tedious process.

5. They offer more promotions and bonuses.

Promotions are one of the benefits that new players at an online casino usually enjoy. It is more of a welcome package for every customer who signs up. The bonuses and promotions that any online casino offers to its players are different. They can be free play trials, doubling or tripling of the first deposit, and so on. In addition, many online casino games, especially slots, often offer various in-game bonuses that players can take advantage of. 

 6. Online casinos are less distracting. 

Most players are simply looking for a serene and stress-free way to play. Online casinos offer this advantage, while land-based casinos do not. When playing at an online casino, you can create a space to relax and think about the best strategies for winning.

However, this is not the same in a land-based casino. Casinos are public places filled with numerous types of people from different places. Not only are most of them crowded, but it may not be easy to concentrate on the game unless you book a VIP room, which costs a lot.

Entering a VIP room in a casino costs between $300 and $1000. However, that is not always the only cost. Most VIP rooms also set very high minimum amounts for a wager. It can be as high as $1,000, depending on the casino. 

Therefore, you should check before you opt for one or, better yet, enjoy the serenity that online casinos offer.

7. Online casinos are user-friendly.

In an online casino you can easily learn the tutorials and risks involved in playing any particular game, but this is not the case in a land-based casino. Learning how a game works in a land-based casino can lead to quite a few losses, unless you play with a friend who knows how it works; this is why people play one particular game in casinos. 

On the other hand, online casinos are very friendly to both veterans and beginners, as they provide step-by-step guidance on how to gamble. This usually increases a player’s chances of winning. 

Final Thoughts

Most gambling players are starting to see online casinos’ various perks, leading to rapid adoption. The fact that anyone can sit or even relax in the comfort of their house and play is a feature highly underrated. With that said, it’s only a matter of time before the industry sees a massive boom in the iGaming industry.