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7 Revolutionary Printing Techniques Still Changing the Face of Industries

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If you are under the impression that the print industry has passed its prime, then you need to reconsider that thought. The print industry has been quick and flexible in adapting to the ever-changing marketing and communication strategies of business enterprises. Moreover, the global urge to go digital has seen a steep decline in the last few years due to the law of saturation and increasing issues related to the invasion of privacy. This has yet again led to a shift in focus from digital maneuvers to print technology.

The print industry has been able to metamorphose itself from conventional print work to the new-age printing needs like revamping the office architecture or printing screens. The soothsayer of the printing industry, Frank Romano mentions that the future of printing is bright. The industry icon further explains that the print business has seen spells of a paradigm shift right from the 1920s when the radio took over. Next, there has been the television and the internet that have been huge blows to the print industry but human civilization has never been able to grow out of print material.

The leading brands and companies of the print industry believe that new-age printing techniques might observe a fundamental change of substrate choice. This means that printing has to shift from paper to other materials to keep up with the changing promotional requirements. A popular printing style that has dominated the print industry with innovative printing technology is digital printing. This technique involves laser printing that can be used to print on all substrates. For instance, large scale printing on brushed metal is executed by an innovative printing mechanism and evolving techniques. Here are seven printing techniques in vogue.

  1.   Digital Printing For Branding

Digital Printing has become one of the most widely used printing techniques of recent times. A digital print involves imposing digital content on a particular substrate. The digital printing mechanisms that have taken over the print industry are inkjet and laser printing. Some of the US leading sign making companies often make use of this technique to produce flawless signature designs. Digital printing is also useful in printing labels, newsletters, and posters.

  1.   Flexography For Packaging

Flexography can be defined as the improved version of letterpress printing. Flexography is used for printing packaging units and redundant patterns used in gift wraps. This printing technique is still relevant as they are used to make handbills and other conventional marketing designs.

  1.   Gravure Printing

One of the most widespread techniques of printing, gravure printing employs a high-speed printing mechanism. This technique is best used in industries that print in bulk. Gravure printing is known for its productivity and accurate usage of ink. It is widely used for printing magazines and newspapers.  

  1.   Large format printing

Large format printing, as the name suggests, is very popular for enhancing brand visibility by literally hoarding it over a huge amount of space. Conventional marketing strategies like billboards, posters, and banners make use of the large format printing technique. For a long time, the large-format plotter was a leader in large-format printing systems, which has changed over recent years. Large-format plotters had a few flaws that have been solved by large format printers, like slowness, limited printing applications, and the monitoring process. Wide-format printers allow you to print high-quality images in a short time and are affordable as bringing them in-house will reduce the cost of banner printing. Moreover, this printing technique is still opted as a marketing device by industries because of its low-cost lasting effect on the consumers. 

  1.   Lithographic Printing

The lithographic printing technique involves the use of aluminum plates that capture the image of the content, which has to be printed. This technique is popular for its high print quality as the printed content is not exposed to the plates and is transferred on paper with the help of inked blankets.

  1.   3D Printing in Interior, Production, and Other Industry

3D printing technique has shaken the printing industry in recent years. The sheer popularity and usefulness that this technique has found in building architecture and branding signage, has been overwhelming. 3D printing has played a crucial role in retail and signage. 

The large-format 3D prints are used for staging displays and launching events. Employing it can offer great branding prospects since Such techniques make wonders by creating outstanding architectural signs. Nowadays, 3D Channel letters are the show stealers. They can be used to attract consumers to the display arena or store interiors. Moreover, these exterior signages are 3D printed illuminated customized letters that make a popular branding choice.

  1.   Screen Printing in Fashion

Screen Printing is another technique that has been revolutionizing the print industry. Screen-printing is one of the trending printing techniques and is used for printing digital content like logos and symbols on clothes and for making banners and posters. More and more small-scale and large-scale enterprises are making use of screen printing for promoting their brands in the form of creative logo designing.  

The Bottom Line

The print industry is far from being irrelevant and will emerge as one of the leading marketing strategy mediums in times to come. However, it is high time that we replace paper as one of the most common printing substrates. A balanced mixture of digital media and print technology will drive the advertising and marketing needs of the industries. The print has been and shall be one of the most reliable drivers to the web.