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7 Things To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Mouse

When it comes to enjoying games, the mouse you buy has a big role to play in terms of convenience, comfort, and the style of playing. Although people can use the regular mouse for playing games, the experience will differ with a gaming mouse. It is a host of features that separates the gaming mouse than the regular option. For instance, the mouse comes with high quality software that personalizes the use and support the DPI and CPI. Comparatively, the high latency of a regular mouse fails to provide the grip you need. There is also best mouse for butterfly clicking, which is another option. If you need to hasten your gaming experience, here is why you should consider the factors below to improve the game.

1. Ergonomic design and reasonable DPI

The mouse you buy should fit your hand properly and includes extra buttons you need at the fingertips even if it means paying a bit more than usual. Besides this, the dots per inch or DPI tell you how far you can move the mouse while playing games. Therefore high DPI is suitable for setting up monitors and displays of high resolution. If you need better control and accuracy, the gamers should focus on a mouse with customized DPI settings. Low DPI is also good for the accuracy level you require in Photoshop.

2. Play style an sensor

The mouse you need for gaming also depends on the category of games you play and the games you play will influence your decision as well. For instance, extra button are essential for RTS and MMO gamers that are ideal for macros and other functions. The FPS gamers, on the other hand need to rely on preciseness and tracking. When buying a sensor for gaming, you can stick to your preference. The sensor you buy should be reactive and enhance the gaming experience.

3. Type of mouse

You might face confusion while deciding whether to buy an optical or laser mouse. The former includes an LED to reflect the area below the surface of the laser while a laser mouse uses laser to track the movement. You can buy the optical mouse for opaque and flat surfaces whereas the laser mice work for a wide range of surfaces.

4. Bluetooth and wireless

When buying wireless mouse, you need to choose between RF and Bluetooth. The latter is more responsive while the Bluetooth creates free space for using it in various devices. With the advent of technology, you can buy wireless mouse to make gaming more flexible. If you keen to stay away from the combination of USB cable, you can invest in a wireless mouse.

5. Weight and grip

The weight of the gaming mouse is another aspect to consider when you enjoy the style. I you like gaming; you need to invest in a mouse that moves freely. Moreover, the weight of the mouse should be adjustable. Therefore, you can add or remove weight according to your requirements and buy a durable gaming mouse. The palm, claws, and the grip style is another factor you need to consider. Typically, the style of the grip influences the weight and shape of the mouse, so you can buy one that suits your needs.

6. Appearance of the mouse

You may not have thought about the appearance of the mouse before buying. However, you want to look attractive instead of a dull appearance. Checking the custom button, DPI switch, gaming look, and RGB lighting is important. Customization of software is another option you need to consider as it allows you to deploy commands and create profiles. Therefore, the mouse you buy should have a number of programmable buttons.

7. Trackpad or mouse

Instead of buying a mouse, you can invest on a trackpad that resembles the one you get with the laptop. Although it will not assist much in gaming, it is easier to use when you focus in desktop.

It is only when you compare the features of the mouse that you come to know the best device on which to invest. Besides the things mentioned above, you can focus on the pricing option as well. The more the features, the higher is the price you pay. Make sure the RGB lighting of the mouse does not take your mind off the games you are playing. Go ahead with your choice and enjoy gaming thoroughly.