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7 Things to Do To Fix A Oppo Phone That Won’t Charge Properly

Don’t automatically assume that your battery or charger is broken if your battery won’t charge. I can tell you from personal experience that the problem and the solution for a phone repair is simpler. Here are 12 easy fixes for a phone or tablet that won’t charge properly.

Why my Oppo Mobile doesn’t charge

There are several reasons why the problem occurs. If you plug your phone in, it will either not charge at all, or it will charge slowly. Here are some solutions for this very common complaint. Chargers and USB cables can cause charging problems. Don’t use USB ports for charging.

  1. Fixing USB ports on your own

A simple DIY repair of your hardware can often be the quickest, easiest, and most effective solution. Metal surfaces in the USB port are often to blame. MicroUSB chargers make poor contact because of manufacturing defects or because they are repeatedly plugged and unplugged.

 Simply shut down your phone or tablet, and use a small object like a toothpick to ‘lever up’ the little tab inside the USB port. Please insert your battery very gently, then re-plug it in. 

  1. Remove Dust

Are you a pocket phone user? The problem may be lint: we’ve lost count of how many times lint from our Levis’ pockets has contributed to unreliable USB charging.

It is not uncommon to find phones with charging ports choked with chocolate after being thrown in a bag with sweets. You can get your USB connection back to normal by blowing out the offending irritants with compressed air.

  1. Switch cables

Not the adapter, but the cable that connects to the wall socket is the flimsiest part of the charger. It is not uncommon for cables to experience endless flexing and curling. Charging your phone with any random USB cable instead of the one that came with it is an unenjoyable experience.

Trying a different cable and seeing if it works properly with your device is the simplest way to diagnose a faulty cable. When it works, you know it was the original cable that was faulty. 

  1.  Switch it off

As you charge your device, you shouldn’t use apps or features that use a lot of battery. With its screen, Wi-Fi and 4G all turned off, a device that is charging while Skyping at 100 percent brightness will naturally take longer to charge.

If you want to see the fastest energy injection, switch the device off completely, while charging.

  1. Flash Your Phone

In spite of being difficult, manually flashing a phone is a very easy process. Despite the lengthy list of steps, if you follow them carefully, your phone will be in a better state. Some time people install such apps which are running behind and consume a lot of battery. You may not be able to find them directly; so, just flash your phone if you know Google password it will set it to its original condition. In case you lost your Google account and password use VnRom Bypass Apk. Just think of the possibilities! If done correctly, flashing your phone can allow you to enjoy it once again. It is very easy to learn how to flash a phone with a password.