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7 Tips for Writing Board Exams Perfectly 

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In every examination, presentation plays a key role. Especially when it comes to Board Examination. You might know a concept, or a subject very well, but unless you present it in the right way – the examiner wouldn’t know.  Hence, channelizing your board exam preparation in the right way is also equally important to help you score good marks. 

With the overwhelming exam pressure, it gets even more difficult to gather all the knowledge you have regarding a topic and to put it down in the best flow possible. 

So, here are some tried and tested tips for writing board exams 2021 most effectively. 

1. Effective Time Management – Tips for Writing Board Exam 2021 

You will be allotted 15mins extra time before the examination starts. Consider this as a blessing in disguise and utilize it efficiently. This additional time is provided to every student to read the questions properly and plan the flow of attempting the paper. Instead of wasting it here and there, the student should quickly go through the entire paper and mentally prepare a blueprint he is going to follow to solve the Board exam paper.

2. Attempt Every Question – Tips for Writing Board Exam 2021 

CBSE board examination has no negative marking system, which is why you should attempt all the questions even if you do not know the answer. If you can get a few steps right then, you will score some marks at least. If it is a Maths question and you have no clue how to solve the problem, just mentioning the Given parameters in the question and trying to attempt a few steps may score you some marks.

And here’s the bonus tip – practice as many questions as you can during your Board Exam Preparation. If you are wondering how – Check out the Free NCERT Solutions Class 12 & NCERT Solutions Class 10 provided by Snapsolve. Also, with the help of Snapsolve app, you can solve all your PCMB doubts instantly. All you have to do is click and upload a picture of your doubt and you will instantly get a step by step solution. Your practice will definitely reflect in the examination. 

3. Start with the Questions You Know First – Tips for Writing Board Exam 2021 

Students should first read the question paper to mark the questions they are more confident to answer and attempt those first, as there is a surety that you will score high marks in those answers. Students are often under the impression, that they need to attempt the paper in the provided sequence But no, this is not madatory, if you feel you want to skip a question and attempt it later – you can, just specify the answer number very clearly. 

So, this way you can choose to answer a few questions you are confident about first. And then get to the questions you might take time to solve. This will save you a lot of time & keep you confident. 

4. Choose Questions Wisely – Tips for Writing Board Exam 2021 

A few questions come with a choice where you can choose either one of the questions to answer. You may know the answer to both the questions, but take some time to analyze which one are you more confident about. Create a mental picture of what you can write in both the answers so that you know which has a better chance of scoring you high marks.

5. Answer Presentation – Tips for Writing Board Exam 2021 

You should write every answer neatly, which is legible. Your handwriting should be neat and within the proper margin drawn. The examiner checking your answer sheet also needs to check hundreds of other answer sheets, and they will not be patient to understand what you have written if it is not legible. In that case, they may even score your correct answer low, which is why maintaining good handwriting is essential.

The pencil sketched diagrams should also look neat and clearly marked. Do not start writing answers neatly and by the end of the answer sheet, write untidily to finish timely. You should practice neatness in writing and increase writing speed to complete it timely. Remember to also underline headings and use a black pen to write them so that the examiner can clearly differentiate the headings from paragraphs. A neat paper will always be scored high.

6. Do not Rush – Tips for Writing Board Exam 2021 

When you haste in finishing the paper, you may make many mistakes, which is why panic and haste are not the right approaches. If you feel tense, just take a slight pause, drink some water, and re-focus on answering the questions calmly. Use an Exam preparation app like SnapSolve to get hold of previous years’ question papers and sample papers with solutions. Try to solve as many question papers as possible so that you get used to the examination environment. On top of it, use the SnapSolve app to snap your doubts and get a solution for it quickly.

7. Use Correct Question Numbers – Tips for Writing Board Exam 2021 

When you write an answer, you should write the correct question number in front of the solution so that the examiner knows which question have you chosen to answer. If you answer correctly but indicate the wrong question number, you may not get any marks for that answer. You can also add a short heading to the answer that indicates your chosen question to avoid any confusion.

Knowing how to prepare for the Board Exam is one thing, but if you do not learn to write the answers perfectly, all your hard work will not pay off. Knowledge is one thing, but knowing to present it the right way is another skill you need to learn to score high in the CBSE board examination.