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8 Amazing Tricks to Improve Your Internet Speed While Streaming

Suffering from a slow internet speed can be frustrating. Even after paying so much for the unlimited high-speed internet, you may get reduced speed at times. Not acceptable at all right? However, you cannot put the entire blame on the internet service provider. Sometimes, it’s just a few simple mistakes that prevent us from having what we are looking for. If you really wish to speed up the internet speed, you can simply follow the guide below to know about 8 Amazing Tricks to Improve Your Internet Speed While Streaming.

8 Amazing Tricks to Improve Your Internet Speed While Streaming

1. Data Cap
It’s obvious that the ISP won’t disclose the data cap for their marketing policies. However, data caps are the major reasons why you are suffering from the slow internet connections on your PC. They will always slow down your connection. ISPs generally set up a data cap that can limit the usage of data packets for your device. This is mainly set up to control the web traffic in your locality. A certain amount of data locked to your device. Thus, when you reach up the data speed, it will start getting slower. Knowing the data cap is the primary thing. You can contact the ISP to know the data cp and how much you are allotted with.

2. Problems with the router
We all fancy having a WiFi station at our home. It helps us a lot to get wireless internet connectivity. However, sometimes, it may backfire on us. If the router keeps on running for every second in a day, it will obviously start heating up. Just imagine the same for 365 days in a year. The router may just get overheated and might even disrupt the WiFi module or the LAN port. This is why giving a minimum break to the router is important. There is a reset switch available just on the back side which you can use to let it cool down. Resetting the router at times will not instantly make your speed grow fast. Instead, it may fix any bugs or technical problems. Even after resetting, the router doesn’t work properly then you can check out the troubleshooting guide by Techiepassion.

3. Positioning the router
The amount of data packets received on your device also plays an important factor to slow down the speed of the internet. Sometimes, it may be because of the location of the router. If it is situated at a remote corner of your home, you won’t be able to get a proper router signal to your device. If the WiFi signal does not reach out to you, it won’t help you to get a high-speed internet data as well. Try to position the router at the middle or your house or close to the place where you will use the internet. Repositioning the router to a compatible place will make it much comfortable.

4. Check the Ethernet
Using the internet over a WiFi signal is great. But when too many connections are already present in your home, it will always take up the speed. The total bit-rate per second will always be distributed equally between all the devices. Thus, some mobile devices will be fast, but if you are streaming internet over your PC or movies, it will be slower. On the other hand, you can opt for Ethernet cables for your product. They are comfortable to use and just require a simple configuration. However, using such Ethernet will mean that you will be able to get the entire speed that is provided by the ISP. The cable gets the signal to the device directly without any bridge.

5. Block ads
Not everyone follows up with the idea of blocking ads. Most of us do not even know that ads can affect the internet speed connection as well. Every site that you open over the internet has ads to generate revenue. Some of them may also contain video ads. As soon as you open the website, the video starts playing and it automatically starts consuming internet data. To get rid of this situation, you can take the help of an adblocker. Having such will help you to block the ads and the data will be used to open up the web page. Ofcourse, it will speed up the internet speed and give you perfect results as well.

6. Streamlined Browser
A lot of people make the traditional mistake of opening multiple web pages in the same browser. If you keep opening tabs and do not close them after your use, they will always start catching up data. This also affects the RAM of your mobile or PC which will slower down the internet speed as well. Using a streamlined browser could be helpful for such situations. They are perfectly created for you to have a faster browsing experience. Alternatively, you can also take the help of multiple browsers and open just 2-3 pages on each of them. Surely it will keep the speed high.

7. Install a scanner
Sometimes, cleaning up the internet and also the PC could give you faster results. Installing any anti-virus scanner or a malware scanner for your PC is always recommended if you are browsing the internet and also downloading multiple files, there are a lot of junk files also installed. Cleaning them up is important and it will help you to keep the speed higher up. The basic role of such a scanner is to remove the junk files and clean up the temporary files. Automatically, the speed will get increased.

8. Clear the cache
The cache memory runs live. If you are opening old web pages, the cache memory helps to open up those instantly. The PC helps to remember the memory and will open up the pages fast. You can simply install a plugin that clears the cache in just a few minutes. Such a plugin removes the cache in just a few seconds. Because of this it helps to keep space for new web pages. You can open up such web pages instantly if you use such plug-ins.

Even after following the 8 Amazing Tricks to Improve Your Internet Speed While Streaming you may face slow internet at certain points. The only things that you need to do in such situations are to get help from a different internet service provider. You can lodge a complaint or switch to a new provider immediately.