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8 Awesome Beginner Tips for Archeage Unchained

It’s difficult to get the hang of Archeage Unchained. Since it is an expansive MMO, the learning curve for the game is difficult and that includes getting comfortable with the Labor, Gear Upgrading, and more. With all that being said, there are tips to make Archeage Unchained easier to understand, and I’m here to show you those tips.

Tip 1 – Deciding on the Best Class

Until you get to the class selection, Archeage Unchained seems like every other MMO. So why is the class selection so crazy? With Archeage Unchained, you can’t choose the class from the start like other MMOs. What you get to choose is a Faction, which would be Haranya or Nuia, plus race and the main skill set.

Now, I got to let you know that Archeage Unchained has over 100 classes. I know that sounds overwhelming, but don’t worry. Here’s the thing, what you need to do is begin with one of the overall stronger as well as the user-friendly classes. After you understand it, change it to a strongly OP character. So for a DPS, choose a Dark Runner (which would be Battlerage, Auramancy, and Shadowplay) or an Executioner (which would be Shadowplay, Battlerage, and Occultism.)

Now, if a support role is more your speed, go with Confessor (which would be Songcraft, Shadowplay, and Vitalism) or Edgewalker (which would be Occultism, Auramancy, and Vitalism.) Of course, if you’re a Rogue player, go with Deathwish (which would be Swiftblade, Shadowplay, and Battlerage.)

Tip 2 – Pass on the Shiny Armor

Okay, so you got your CHAR, and the game as began. What should be your armor? Believe it or not, there should be no armor. The thing is until you get to level 50, armor is not only expensive but unnecessary. So are you going to be left in your underwear? No. You’ll get a full set of armor after a few quests. You can pick leather, cloth, or a plate.

So now you’re leveling and you want to switch armor.

Wrong move! You’ll have your initial armor, but then the primary quests will provide you with Synthesis potions.

The potions let you upgrade your weapon or armor to level 50. Click “Gear Upgrade” on your inventory. The choose the potion and gear you wish to upgrade. Don’t forget to extract the potions before you sell or destroy your gear!

Once you reach level 30, be on the lookout for Awakening scrolls and infusions. You’ll get the elite or arcane upgrade!

Tip 3 – Never Skip the Yellows!

You’ll find yellow quests all over the place! What do you do? Don’t be afraid! Just go for it. Understand that these are designed to push your character into level 30 in less than 60 minutes. So don’t avoid them! Take them head on. Besides, you may get some awesome rewards like mounts, pets, boats, and gliders.

Tip 4 – Slow 30’s

The game will slow rapidly when you hit level 30. What does it mean? It means that the questing mission really gets going. Open the options menu, and set the bottom option to “unlimited.” You will find the options menu under the game information. When you do this, you’ll see all the zone quests. Do those first before you focus on the main quest.

Tip 5 – The Farmer Life

So now you’re about to reach level 50-55 boss monsters and alliance raids. However, hold on! You’re going to want to do the Blue Salt Brotherhood questline first.

You’ll get your own farm and a bunch of XP. Another thing you’ll get to do is learn all the basics of the professions, such as crafting and fishing. But, I’ll talk about those later.

Tip 6 – Reaching Level 55

So you got to level 45, huh? Great! Now for the good news. You won’t have to spam the yellow quests anymore! When you go from 45 to 55, the fastest and the best way to move up is to teleport to Aegis Island. That will cost you 5 gold. You can buy Archaged Unchained gold to move faster. So get going grinding those mobs with other players. I highly advise you to party up with a DPS and a healer. After that, you can kick some butt and kill the beasts.

Tip 7 – It’s Glow Up Time!

Okay, so you’re leveled up. Now it’s time to replace the effects that are on your gear. So you’re going to need to purchase Evenstone (And when I say that, I mean the adventure version and not some cheap replacement.) Then extract the Awakening infusions and scrolls. Go to the weapon and armor merchant, and re-buy the base questing gear you need. After that, reuse the infusions and scrolls on the new gear. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it’s cheap. However, it’s absolutely worth it to go for it.