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8 Common Hook Types to Start an Essay

How do you think you can bait your reader to invest more of their time and interest into reading your essay? If you don’t want your evaluator to lose interest in your topic, the foremost thing you can do is write a compelling opening statement to draw attention. To simplify the definition of a hook, it is the beginning of an introduction paragraph that intends to spark curiosity.

Types of Hook Statements to Put Weight on Your Argument

Keep in mind, that no hook is perfect for an essay, but can be the best suited. It means that some professors may agree with the relevance and length of the hook used, while others may have a different preference. So, look into these hook types and use the one that you believe will best support your topic.

1. Question Hook

People get easily intrigued. If they come across a question that piqued their interest, they will constantly think about it until they get their answer. Likewise, when you start your passage with an interesting open-ended question, make sure you give them a reason to keep reading on. The question should be relevant to your paper. Read the introduction of this article again, you will find a perfect example of a question hook.

2. Declaration Hook

Starting off with a bold statement can be a strong assertion. Not necessarily, the readers have to agree or disagree with the statement. Here, you want the readers to explore how you made use of the facts to support your claim and what did you do to challenge the beliefs of others. The point is to make a solid claim that relates to your thesis statement. 

3. Quotation Hook

A quote taken from a notable icon, literary work, or made up of your own, can indeed add value to your writing, but only if it can make a connection. Ensure that the quote enriches the argument rather than fostering confusion. And don’t forget to cite your quote if asked for in your paper. 

4. Statistic Hook

An interesting fact or statistic from a credible source can well contribute to the powerful evidence for your claim. You can write a quote that has accurate numerical data to impress your readers. Always crosscheck its credibility from different authentic sources. Suppose you say, “I have to do my term paper on artificial intelligence”, then your hook can be –

“AI market size tends to expand upto $407 billion by the year 2027 as mentioned in a Forbes article.”

5. Rhetorical Hook

If you believe that the use of rhetorical devices like metaphor, simile, personification, and paradox is limited to literature, then you need to change that thought. Because you can set motion to your paper by using such a tool. This can enhance your approach and make a point. 

6. Definition Hook

You may have read papers that begin with defining a certain term or concept to introduce you to a cause. It is used to clarify and contextualize your topic. 

7. Anecdotal Hook

Also called a story hook can make an exceptional emotional connection. You can start with a short story based on your personal experience, inspired by somebody else’s life, or an imagination. The anecdote – humorous, with a twist, or contains a moral – can be in the form of a narrative and should equate to your thesis. The length of the story must vary according to the length of the essay type.

8. Description Hook

It is a common practice to use a description hook, especially in writing narrative essays. It means to distinctly describe a scene that is associated with the rest of your paper. Keep note that it is not the same as an anecdote. Read these examples quoted by penmyessays to recognize the difference. 

Example of an anecdotal hook: “It was my first trip to Malaysia alone with an unknown group of people. That was the time I walked out of my comfort zone which led me to a different adventure of my life.”

Example of a description hook: “A small white kitten a month old or so, was found crying out loud across the lane. It seemed lonely and lost looking for its mother. Perhaps hungry as the ribs were visible…”

You must ask your supervisor or teacher in case you are having a doubt about the relevance of a hook to your theme. You can even pay essay writer who are genuine to give a list of hook examples to you.

You may have gotten a pretty good idea of how to kick-start your essay. With these coercive explanations, you can craft enticing baits to create a buzz in the minds of your readers. Just keep practicing and boost your creativity.