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The 8 New Summer Shows Most Likely to Become Hits

A Look Ahead to Life TV Style After Memorial Day

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From Campaign US: Once upon a time, summer was a TV dead zone, a vast expanse of reruns, game shows and leftovers infomercials that drew the paltry numbers it deserved.

That all started to change about 15 years ago, when the influx of scripted shows on cable began creeping into the post-Memorial Day period. It took a while, but the broadcast networks eventually took note, and began expanding their programming strategy to include all 12 months of the year.

CBS drama “Under the Dome,” with an average 11.2 million viewers in 2013, was the first real broadcast scripted summer success. That year, the network even proclaimed that the words “midseason” and “summer” were no longer part of its vocabulary.

Of course, warm-weather programming hasn’t been enough to stanch the overall ratings decline for the networks. But stepping to the plate with more original scripted summer options at least indicates to advertisers that the “Gone Fishin’” sign has been retired. And the chance of a potential new hit offers a stronger promotional platform for the fall. It never hurts to be aggressive.

There are a number of promising entries among the broadcasters this summer, scripted and non-scripted alike. For a look, click here


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    • Yeah Claws is looking real good every time I see those promos on TNT during the NBA Playoffs I look forward to seeing it. Another TNT show people should watch is Animal Kingdom that show is really good. I might checkout Midnight, Texas not sure though.

      • I am sure Midnight will appeal to a niche audience…probably the same as True Blood and Grimm. It will not be to everyone’s taste.

        • I agree it’s a niche product with an acquired taste nobody should expect it to be a big hit. It’s something that will be a nice summer option for those that are into this kind of a show.

          For me I’m used to watching vampire type shows as I used to be a heavy watcher of Vampire Diaries and I started back watching The Originals this season so this wouldn’t be out of left field for me.

          • Then you may like this. There is a vampire character, as well as a psychic, a witch, two angels, and some werepeople. If they have the same characters as the books have, that is.

  1. Summer has some interesting options this year I think for me Claws is at the top and I might checkout GLOW on Netflix. I’m Dying Up Here sounds interesting and I might checkout Midnight, Texas. On the comedy side will be Carmichael Show and Marlon in August.

    Where the summer is going to be made for me is on the unscripted side the main summer option I’ll be watching every week live is Battle of the Network Stars I can’t wait to see how this is done. Boy Band right before that too on ABC and I’m going to checkout World of Dance on NBC but BOTNS is where it’s at.

    • Yeah World Of Dance looks pretty good can’t wait for that along with Battle Of The Network Stars wonder if that will only be ABC star thou.

    • GLOW? Last time there was a show with that name, it was in the ’80s and it was called Georgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. What does this GLOW refer to?

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