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8 Ways to Promote a Public Christmas Party

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Christmas is a time when people spend quality time with their friends and families. The celebration allows people to take a break from their everyday routines and simply enjoy the season of giving. Most people plan their holiday schedules ahead of time because they have many things to schedule.

Now is a great time to host a Christmas event as a business. You want to start promotions way in advance to get people hyped for the event. Read on to find several highly effective ways to publicize a Christmas event and encourage people to attend. 

Early bird registration discounts

Offering early bird registration is a great way to promote your events. It will encourage your audience to register for your event as soon as possible. You’ll be able to assess your audience’s interest and marketing tactics by registering early. Moreover, ticket sales are necessary, but ticket donations can assist in the development of relationships with other organizations. 

Exclusive event tickets

To promote an event, you should provide exclusive tickets for the people who want a VIP experience. An elite VIP package attracts people who would not otherwise attend your events. You can combine this with free event admission to encourage mixing and mingling. A VIP package at your events broadens your audience and amplifies your online marketing efforts.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for reaching out to your current audience. You should promote your event via email to various audience segments. You can offer email subscriber discounts to entice customers to attend.

Optimize your event email marketing strategy by categorizing your email lists: people who have previously purchased tickets versus those who haven’t or through different demographics within your target audience. Then, with specific messages, create email campaigns that address those smaller groups. Highlight aspects of the events your subgroups are most likely to show interest in. 

Email promotions are now easy and simple through PosterMyWall’s Email Maker to create eye-catching and fully customizable emails which contain details of the party, dress code, contact information, the venue, and other important details. Also, you can even find Christmas email templates to make your emails look good!

Ads on social media

Another effective way to promote your events is through social media. Generally, social media is an effective way to promote, but the younger generation is more interested in Instagram. So, Instagram or even Facebook is an effective place to promote your content.

As a consumer, one of my favorite event promotion strategies is to watch behind-the-scenes posts. Everyone enjoys an interesting behind-the-scenes Instagram story or post that shows how a company is putting together an event. Many international events, such as the FIFA World Cup, follow the same pattern.

You want people to keep seeing your brand and remembering the event to spark interest. Even if someone believes that event is a good idea, they may not be planning to go. Retargeting customers through ads on Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube is a great way to get them at a later date. 

Be unique and innovative

There will be plenty of Christmas events to choose from during the holiday season. However, because it is a busy time of year, most people can only attend one or two. If a company wants people to make time for their event, it must be fascinating and one-of-a-kind.

You can be unique or innovative if you collaborate with other brands to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. When you collaborate with other event organizers, you broaden your platform and increase your visibility. You set your targeted audience by collaborating with another event brand that understands the event scene and has an established network, 

Event hashtag

An event hashtag is another great way to communicate with attendees or those considering registering. This strategy will allow you to track mentions and stay in touch with people interested in attending your event. It could also help you with the trend and increase the number of people aware of and attending your events. Hashtags are trendy, and the younger generation is keen on trendy hashtags as they want to feel included in things that trend. It will also increase your sales. 

Professional photography 

Photographs create a mood and answer questions about the atmosphere of your event. Take well-lit photos that capture the ambiance and show what people can expect at your event. Photography is also essential for increasing the effectiveness of the other techniques on this list, from advertising to email.

Moreover, you can provide your audience with free photography with up to several photos included in their tickets. It is another marketing strategy to have people come and get their professional and aesthetic pictures taken. 

Advertise your guests

Promote your performers, artists, and any influencers you’re working with as much as possible. It is a great way to reach out to their audiences and spread the word about your event. Leveraging other people’s followings is critical so that people outside your target audience know about your event. 

Written by: Raahim Jamshed