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9 Apps for Those Who Hate Essay Writing

Many students agree that essay writing is something they would gladly get rid of. Most of them find this activity tedious and daunting. However, given the fact that education was derailed in 2020 and that remote or hybrid regimes dominate today, essay writing is likely to stay. Moreover, the academic burden will continue to grow, forcing students to seek essay help to meet all their deadlines.

Nevertheless, there are apps that can help students ease the burden of writing assignments and make essay writing a lot easier. Here they are.


Grammarly is one of the most popular apps for students and professional writers. It has a free version as well as a paid premium subscription. Grammarly is equipped to check all sorts of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Also, the app suggests the best ways to improve your writing. Check out Grammarly Review for more information.

An upgraded version of Grammarly detects mistakes that are hard to notice during proofreading and editing. Moreover, the app saves texts into the client’s account. In the event they get lost from your computer, Grammarly stores them for you.


Evernote has been building its reputation for years. Now, it’s one of the most popular apps for note-taking. You can use it for creating a shopping list or writing down your essay ideas. The app is simple. You easily write your thoughts down or even dictate them. Both files can be quickly converted into a format compatible with most text editors.

There is a free version of the app with a minimalistic interface and an upgraded one with lots of different features and greater storage space per user. Students are likely to use the Evernote free version as it is more financially reasonable.


Writer is a genius word processor that is intended to keep things simple for its users. The app is focused on writing, making all other things less complicated. For example, it is easy to format your paper from a heading to a conclusion and then save it in the format you need. Also, you can easily find any information about the file you need (i.e., the time and the date when it was saved).

The app runs on both Android and Apple devices. Moreover, there is a free version available for students.


This tool will be very useful for students who need help with improving the quality of their writing. This online checker tests your text for various grammar, spelling, word order, vocabulary, and other types of mistakes. After highlighting the problem, it also suggests the best way to make your text flow better.

ProWritingApp is available online and as an app version. It easily creates writing reports for every text analyzed, so you can track your success better.


Manuscript was created to help students with formatting. It is a great tool that will let you save your time usually spent on writing and formatting your academic paper. It works with MS Word files and has a strong academic appeal. For example, you can easily deal with citations, abbreviations, and other academic requirements if you use it.

The app is available for free. Its main goal is to make academic writing simpler and help students with long texts, especially dissertations. They usually have lots of references and abbreviations to put in order.

Write Or Die

This creative app is unique for students who hate writing because it punishes them if they stop writing. This app creates an extra motivation that makes students enthusiastic and ambitious to finish the assignment. You can create your own objective. If you fail to reach it, you are likely to get punished.

Write Or Die has a system of punishments and rewards. If you don’t continue writing, the app erases your current text. Yet, you can have it back if you get back to writing.


For those who have trouble organizing their essays, Coggle might be of help. You can build your essay moving from the original idea to sub-ideas. It helps in creating a great outline for any type of essay.

The app has a very impressive interface and graphics. The biggest advantage of the app is that it saves several versions of the same idea. It is designed for creative minds who have problems with organizing their ideas in a consistent way.


Focuswriter is another free word processor that is compatible with all the most used operating systems. Moreover, the app provides detailed information and statistics for each text you work on.

Focuswriter is designed mostly for students who need to have a nice processor for free. If you do not want to pay for MS Word, you can use this quite similar software absolutely free of charge. However, the app saves files in RFT format.


To cover all students’ needs, the app should be much more than just a word processor. Usually, the instructions say that the essay should contain infographics, charts, statistics, or other elements. Here is when Canva becomes your best friend.

There are lots of free tools and more advanced ones available with a subscription. The app itself is a creative space with lots of instruments and features. You can build whatever graphics you need using existing designs and creating new ones.

Final Words

This list is incomplete as it only consists of the most popular apps related to writing. Students can find lots of useful software if they search for it in their app store. The main thing to remember for students is that for every “if only,” there is an app developer who already tried to fulfill your idea. All you need is to search.