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9 Must-Have Tools for Procreate Artists

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Procreate has completely changed the world of digital art. It offers an intuitive platform for artists to explore their creativity. As a raster graphics editor app specifically designed for digital painting, it provides vast range of tools that cater to beginners and seasoned professionals. 

This article explores the must-have tools that every Procreate artist should consider. These tools help artists unlock their potential and take their digital illustrations to new heights.

Nine Must-Have Tools for Procreate Artists

Below are nine crucial tools for Procreate artists to make your digital art better.

  • The Procreate App 

The essential tool for any Procreate artist is, of course, the Procreate app itself. It is available exclusively for iPad users. The app boasts several capabilities combining the ease of traditional drawing with the advantages of digital technology. Besides a fluid interface, the app offers a responsive brush engine and many customizable brushes and tools. The app is preferred for artists seeking to express themselves through digital art.

  • Pressure-Sensitive Stylus

Investing in a pressure-sensitive stylus is a must to exploit the capabilities of Procreate. The iPad’s native stylus, Apple Pencil, is the most popular choice among artists. This is due to the seamless integration with Procreate. A pressure-sensitive stylus allows artists to control the thickness and opacity of their strokes. It mimics the experience of traditional drawing and enables them to achieve intricate details and dynamic effects.

  • Custom Brushes

Procreate offers a solid selection of default brushes. However, artists can elevate their artwork by incorporating custom brushes. Numerous brush sets are available for download. Each offers distinct textures and styles. You get everything from realistic watercolor to gritty charcoal. Custom brushes diversify your creative options and enable you to develop a unique artistic identity.

  • Color Palettes and Swatches

Color is a vital aspect of any artwork, and Procreate allows you to create and save custom color palettes and swatches. You can build and organize color schemes tailored to specific projects or themes. It will enhance workflow efficiency and maintain a consistent visual tone throughout the artwork.

  • Layers and Blend Modes

A powerful feature of Procreate is its layer system, where artists can work on individual layers. It allows them to make non-destructive changes and experiment with different elements without affecting the rest of the composition. Combining this with various blend modes enables artists to create stunning visual effects and achieve complex color interactions.

  • Reference Tools

Procreate’s reference tools are invaluable for artists seeking precision in their illustrations. QuickMenu, for instance, offers a convenient way to access frequently used functions. On the other hand, the Drawing Guide aids in creating perfect shapes and perspectives. Additionally, artists can import reference images directly onto their canvas. It allows for easy tracing and maintaining proportions.

  • Time-Lapse Recording

Procreate’s time-lapse recording feature allows artists to review their creative process. It also serves as an engaging way to share their artwork’s creation process with their audience. Recording the entire illustration process allows artists to showcase their techniques and gain insights into their artistic development.

  • Animation Assist

Procreate’s Animation Assist feature is a game-changer for artists exploring animation. The tool allows artists to create simple animations and loops directly within the app. It enables them to add life and movement to their illustrations and push the boundaries of their creative expression.

  • Export Options

Procreate artists should be familiar with the app’s export options to showcase their artwork on various platforms. The app supports multiple file formats, including PNG, JPEG, PSD, and GIF. It becomes effortless to share artwork on social media and websites. You can also use the same option for printing purposes.


Procreate has undoubtedly established itself as a powerhouse in the world of digital art. It empowers artists to unleash their creativity and produce breathtaking illustrations. The app offers a platform for artists to continue pushing their boundaries and experimenting with new techniques with impressive tools. It also provides a seamless interface. The platform’s commitment to constant updates ensures that artists always have access to the latest features and improvements, allowing them to stay at the forefront of digital innovations. 

Leveraging the must-have tools mentioned in this article will help Procreate artists elevate their artwork and establish themselves as formidable talents in digital art. Whether you are a professional artist or an enthusiastic hobbyist, it offers an unparalleled platform for bringing your artistic visions to life. 

So, equip yourself with these tools and embark on a journey of artistic discovery and growth with Procreate.