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9 Things to Consider Before Developing a Casino App

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Over the last year and a half, the online gambling industry has become more popular than ever before. Experts predict that it will continue its upward movement even when the pandemic is over. So it is not surprising that a lot of entrepreneurs are thinking of starting an online casino or a casino app. If you happen to be one of them, make sure that you think everything through and consider all the things on this list.

#1 Regulations

The number one thing that matters in an online casino or a casino app is whether or not it has a license. To have no problem with getting one, make sure that you consider all the gambling regulations in the country where you are setting up and marketing your app. Professional legal advice is always a good idea.

#2 Payment Options

To serve the needs of a wide audience, make sure that your casino app has a diverse range of payment options, even if some of them are not available in your primary target market. For example, PayPal is currently unavailable in Canada, yet the majority of online casinos accept PayPal (alongside other payment methods). Don’t forget about crypto; it is getting more popular among players by the day. 

#3 Location-Based Services

Payment systems available are not the only thing that differs from one region to another. Sometimes the regulations vary even within the same country. For example, some of the gambling activities you offer, such as eSports betting, may be legal in some US states but not others. Make sure you consider such nuances to cater to customers’ needs and avoid legal trouble.

#4 Security

Sadly, there is still a negative stigma attached to gambling. So protecting customers’ privacy is one of the first things any casino app developer should focus on. Above everything, this implies that you need to invest massive funds and hard work into data encryption preventing unauthorized access. Even such pricey security attack-preventing measures as pen testing and machine learning are worth it.

#5 New Trends

Keep track of everything that is happening in the online gambling industry. You don’t want to miss out on a new development that will soon turn into a trend. For example, VR casinos will likely disrupt the market soon. Also, social gambling has recently become more popular because of the lockdown. Don’t neglect market research to stay ahead of the curve.

#6 Customization

All players want to feel special and for gambling to be convenient. This means that customization is key to developing a successful casino app. At the lowest level, customization is about great UX, the ability to change the way one sees the interface (for example, themes), and Netflix-like recommendation algorithms. But there’s more to it. Use big data to make the gambling experience personalized for every player.

#7 Players’ Motivations

When designing the app and marketing it, think about your customers’ motivations. Why are they into gambling? What would they like to see? For example, live casinos are popular thanks to the privacy and the realistic experience they offer. They have also become popular during the pandemic because land-based casinos have been off-limits. Once again, don’t neglect marketing research to know what gets your customers going.

#8 Marketing

Online gambling is a very competitive industry. Your casino app won’t survive unless you invest in great and diverse marketing. Some of the time-tested marketing methods are generous bonus systems and loyalty programs that prompt players to gamble more. Email marketing and partnerships with adjacent industries akin to video gaming also help.

#9 Customer Support

Finally, never skimp on customer support. If you read user reviews about online casinos, you will see that one of the first things most of them mention is how (un)helpful a casino’s customer support team is. To succeed at customer retention, yours should be as fast and efficient as you can possibly afford.