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9 Things You Need to Do Before Uploading Your Music to a Streaming Service

You’ve been working on your recording for days, weeks, and maybe even months. It’s finally time to get your music out there, but you realize that you don’t know how to upload your music to Spotify. More than likely, there are other critical steps you’ve missed!

We’re here to set the record straight and give you the complete game plan to upload your music the right way, minimizing risk and maximizing returns.

1. Perfect Your Recording

Perfectionism can be a blessing and a curse for the musician, especially with so many tech tools now available. Bring your recording as close to perfection as possible before you start the uploading process so you can feel good about the final product.

2. Confirm Your Release Info

Are you releasing a single with a B-side? A full length album? How about a collaboration with another artist? You’ll need to confirm these details before uploading your music, because you don’t want to leave anything to chance once it’s online.

This information will be archived forever in various websites and registers, so make sure track listings, spellings, and attributions are all correct. 

3. Sign Up With a Distribution Service

You no longer need to reach out directly to platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and others to put your recording out there. Instead, you only need to create an account with a distribution service that handles all the heavy lifting. 

Have all the relevant information on hand when creating your account and be sure to drop links and contact info for business inquiries. Also, pay only for the services you need, and shop around so you don’t end up spending more than necessary.

4. Get Set Up On Social Media

Social media is where the everyday artists become superstars, so don’t think you can skip this key step. There is no magic formula to follow when setting up a profile on a site like Twitter or Instagram – the content makes all the difference.

Upload frequently and focus on the music primarily. Use your platform to hype up your new music and connect with other artists and business reps in your industry. 

If you can avoid some of the common social media pitfalls and stay business-focused, you can use these platforms to rise to the top of your genre and beyond. 

5. Copyright Your Music

Copyrighting and registering music for royalties can seem daunting, with many possible routes to take. Step one is non-negotiable: get a copyright for both the composition and for the sound recording, or the master recording.

From there, you can follow up with seven different registrations that will secure your royalties and keep you protected in a legal sense as your music is distributed. Avoid hassles down the road by learning these legal parameters now, and taking all the necessary steps.

6. Create Custom Artwork

The visual component of your music cannot be understated in a world where looks are judged before sound. You don’t need to spend thousands on professional glamour shots, but you should create a unique and original set of artwork that reflects your musical style.

These assets can be used when uploading music to major platforms like Spotify, to build your social media profile, and as part of your press kit for business opportunities. 

7. Prepare Your Press Kit

Speaking of a press kit, what should this include for first-time artists? Music is number one, so prepare to link your songs or send files directly. You’ll also want to include photos, videos, and other visuals that show your performance style and aesthetic.

Don’t forget to include press reviews, achievements, and other notable aspects of your career so far. You want to showcase your accomplishments and popularity in search of the next big break.

8. Upload Your Music and Info

The best distribution services make uploading music easy with just a few clicks. The music files are the most important, but you’ll also want to upload information, artwork, and other details that flesh out your profile online.

Spotify may be your preferred platform, but remember that millions of people also use Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and more. Cover all your bases to get maximum exposure and reach new audiences. 

9. Be Ready to Go Live

After all those months in studio, you may want to shake off the rust for your live performance, because it won’t be long before you take the stage. With each new piece of music you upload, it boosts the chances that you’ll get a chance to play a festival or open on a major tour.

Step Into the Music Streaming Spotlight

Music streaming is the most popular forms of entertainment on the planet, so don’t miss out! Follow these steps and you’ll be ready for whatever comes next in your career.