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9 Top Magento eCommerce Agencies in NYC

As businesses are starting out in e-commerce, you need to stand out with a great e-commerce site. The Magento framework can get you there. We have enlisted below some top-tier Magento development agencies currently providing services in New York City.

  1. Silk Software
  2. Ciklum
  3. Redstage
  4. Mobikasa
  5. Pixafy
  6. Hexamarvel Technologies Private Limited
  7. Digital Silk
  8. End Point
  9. Eventige Media Group

  • Silk Software

Silk Software is a full-service digital agency based in Irvine, California, and New York. Silk software has been in the market since 2007, and they have a team of about 40 experts that provide in e-commerce development, ERP consulting, S.I., and PPC. They specialize in customer service in consumer products and services, hospitality and leisure, and I.T. industries.

  • Ciklum

This is Ukraine-based IT solutions and services providing the company with head offices in the U.K., Belarus, and many other countries. Ciklum has more than 3,000 experts for all types of digital services and solutions. Their clients range from large multinational companies to fast-growing start-ups working on an IPO.

  • Redstage

Redstage is a New York-based web development agency specializing in e-commerce and wordpress CMS development. Redstage came landed in the market back in 2008. they have a team of about 30 people. Redstage has received various e-commerce certifications over the years. Their services include e-commerce development, website design, and development, UI / UX design, etc. Redstage works primarily with clients at the enterprise level.

  • Mobikasa

Mobikasa is a full-service digital agency based in New York City. Mobikasa was founded in 2011 and has offices in New Delhi and Los Angeles. They provide mobile and web development solutions, UI / UX design, digital marketing, and e-commerce solutions.

  • Pixafy

Founded in 2010, Pixafy is a full-service e-commerce agency based in New York City. They have about 20 software and design engineers who work to provide services in various industries, including retail, consumer products, and educational services. The agency specializes in e-commerce development, I.T. strategy consulting, website design, and digital strategy.

  • Hexamarvel Technologies Private Limited

They provide web development and other I.T. services are based in Coimbatore and New York. HTPL was founded back in 2014. They have a team of experts that offer digital solutions to all kinds of services. Their expertise includes front-end development, e-commerce, CMS, digital marketing, and mobile and web app development.

  • Digital Silk

Digital Silk is a digital experience company based in New York. They have about 30 experts for providing different services. They have offices in Miami and Milan. It primarily provides web design, development, and e-commerce development for medium and corporate clients in telecommunications and other industries.

  • End Point

End Point specializes in e-commerce and web development, makes bespoke software, and is an expert in business security. The team of more than 50 employees was founded in 1995 in New York City and served medium and small businesses across various industries.

  • Eventige Media Group

Eventige Media Group has headquarters in New York City. They are a marketing and advertising agency. Founded in 2009, they have a small staff of 6 but have worked on complex projects for some world-famous brands. Their services include e-commerce development, SEO, social media marketing, and much more.