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9 Top Tools for Mobile App Designers

App creators are always looking for ways to add value and simplicity to their designs. Building a popular app requires creativity, expertise, and the right tools. Here, we list a few pieces of design software that should be in every app creator’s toolkit.

Adobe Experience Design

Of all design tools on the Windows platform, Adobe’s Experience Design (XD) is one of the best. It includes most of the functionality found in Sketch, which makes it quite popular in the custom mobile app development space. With XD, users can create, prototype, and share designs with others, while viewing live updates from their mobile devices.


This quick, simple prototyping tool for iOS and Android apps includes a robust suite of icon libraries and design components. Here, creators can easily switch between prototype and design modes and create interactive prototypes. It’s also possible to upload designs from other tools to make them clickable, and collaboration is easy. While Mockplus is chock-full of free templates and UI kits, it is a browser-based design platform, so you’ll need a quality network connection.


Mobile app designers everywhere are using UXPin to build applications faster. This comprehensive wireframing and prototyping tool includes numerous interface components and elements, as well as drag-and-drop functionality that’s integrated with Photoshop. And with built-in usability testing, creators can track users, generate tasks, and share results team-wide. With UXPin, developers will enjoy faster and more efficient design, testing, and rollouts.


For years, Adobe Photoshop has been a go-to design tool for creators and clients, many of whom request final designs in PSD format. It’s popular primarily because of its photo editing origins, but it’s become so much more. Since its 2014 release, Photoshop has grown from a simple editing tool into a powerful design implement. It’s widely used by app designers and developers to create top-quality UI mockups and UX wireframes.


When designers need collaborative tools, they often turn to Marvel. Task execution and setup are seamless, and you’ll find all the prototyping, design, and wireframing features your app project needs. Simply pull in screens from Adobe Sketch or XD to turn static mockups into fully interactive prototypes within minutes.

Marvel shines in many areas, with user testing being one of the most notable. Here, creators get real-time insights into how users may interact with their designs, which makes it easier to eliminate issues as they arise. Not only does Marvel integrate with other major design tools, but it also allows for the synchronization of designs on Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud storage platforms.


Dozens of Fortune 100 companies, including Facebook, can’t be wrong! Axure is a driving force in the mobile app development industry, as it allows for start-to-finish design with functionalities such as:

  •   Mockups
  •   Wireframes
  •   Idea boards
  •   Prototypes
  •   Graphical documentation
  •   User journeys

Additionally, creators can customize widgets and assign responses to touch gestures and events. Axure provides full control over the design process, as well as easy sharing in the cloud. While the learning curve is somewhat steep, Axure’s powerful toolkit makes it deserving of a spot on this list.

Fluid UI

Yet another popular wireframe creation tool, Fluid UI uses CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, and other technologies to allow for easier project mapping. Here, users can create links to combine screens, form diagrams, and create layouts by dragging elements from different libraries. Designers like Fluid UI because it’s easy for teams to collaborate from their desktops, tablets, and phones.


While it’s not a UI design implement in the strictest sense, Avocode is still an extremely useful tool. Within it, users can share, drag, and drop designs, import prototypes, export design layers, and discuss components in the comment sidebar. From prototyping to coding, Avocode has the entire workflow covered. The intuitive interface makes it easy to learn, and with a seven-day trial period, there’s nothing to lose.


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Adobe After Effects

One of the top tools for app designers, Adobe After Effects, is available for MacOS and Windows. Though it’s challenging for new designers to master, its great features make the effort worthwhile.

Within After Effects, designers can easily create short animations and motion graphics, as well as UI designs. By choosing this tool, users virtually guarantee that their designs will meet iOS and Google Play guidelines without issue.

There’s a Tool for Every Job

These days, app creators have a nearly endless choice of design tools, as well as numerous opportunities to create perfect user interfaces. Every tool comes with benefits and drawbacks, and designers must choose those that fit their skills and project requirements. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, there is a purpose for every tool on our list. Use one or more of these design tools to build the next #1 app today!