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A Beginner’s Guide to Car Speakers – What You Should Know

A new stereo system can be a breath of fresh air to your car by bringing back the music! It always makes for a great time when you’re jamming to your favorite playlist, whether alone or with friends, as you cruise down the highway.

While there are numerous car speaker brands in the market, you should note some of the models available might not be the ideal fit for your car. Furthermore, knowing which size of speakers to get for your car should be one of the primary concerns. If your car speaker falls within the 6×9 category, best check out MusicCritic‘s review to help you choose which of them is perfect for your needs.

The following is a low down on all that you should know about car speakers and how to improve the sound of the speakers:

The Basics

As you contemplate getting a fresh car sound system, one thing you should be aware of beforehand is the actual sound of the speaker, as well as its capabilities. You can easily blow up your speakers by trying to achieve the perfect quality of sound; unfortunately, this is something many people learn the hard way!

If you know what to listen for, then you should know that louder isn’t always better! You can easily spend more money to fix a blown car speaker.

Another thing to note is that factory speakers don’t offer the sound quality that premium brands of car speakers deliver. The latter not only offers better sound reproduction but also durability down the line.

Even if you acquired your factory speakers on a budget, various changes are made to upgrade the sound. However, doing this comes down to knowledge, skill, and budget!

Budgeting for the Speakers

People use different methods to improve or rebuild car speakers. For factory speakers, you can easily boost their quality with appropriate tweaks to the bass, treble, and the overall sound quality. Adjusting these small areas goes a long way to improve the sound of the speakers without spending a fortune.

But for hardcore audiophiles buying from there are alternative avenues to rebuilding the entire speaker system from the ground up with a view of compiling the ideal sound combo for your car. Although it will cost you relatively more, it is also the best option for serious listeners.

Not to mention that it is a great opportunity to learn for newbies interested in getting their way around car audio systems!

Car Speaker Parts

The woofer is responsible for producing the low-frequency sounds in the speaker. It is the main component in any sound system and is usually made to be lightweight and stiff. The stiffer the woofer, the sharper the sound.

Most woofers in the market are made out of synthetic polypropylene. However, other materials that may be used include synthetics like titanium, as well as polypropylene mixed with mica. These help to protect the woofer against elements and make them more durable.

The Tweeter

The sound coming from a tweeter depends on the kind of material it is made out of. Different materials are normally used to make tweeters, and these range from textile blends, poly, and silk to deliver soft sounds. For sharper and higher sounds, tweeters are manufactured with ceramics, graphite, or metal.


The surround is very critical to the overall sound quality of the speaker. The material featured in the manufacture of the surround eventually influences the sound it produces. For instance, 6X9 speakers made from rubber tend to perform better and last longer.

Speaker Types

Full Range Speakers

A full range speaker is a speaker that comes with a full range of sound, as well as the elements that contribute to the individual sounds. In short, these speakers comprise a woofer for the low frequencies and a tweeter mounted on it to deliver the high sound frequencies.

If you are thinking of entirely replacing the factory speakers in your car, full-range speakers are generally recommended due to the relatively easier replacement process. You also get an endless variety of these speakers, available in all kinds of sizes to fit your needs.

Some full-range speakers will also have add-ons like mid ranges and super tweeters. Depending on power and frequency favored by the individual, full-range speakers are an ideal choice for those who are just stepping into the world of car speakers.

Component Speakers

Component audio systems are a more complex and luxurious option! They are typically built to offer the highest quality and unlike full-range speakers, they are made up of different parts instead of just one comprehensive speaker.

These speakers consist of separate tweeters, woofers, and external crossovers, which are designed to be totally in sync with one another. Component speakers produce the “live” sound that many car enthusiasts look for in auto stereo systems.

There is a greater depth of sound reproduction that makes you feel like you’re listening to a live band playing right before you. This type of sound is possible because of the mechanical separation between the tweeter and woofer that allows you to hear both sound frequencies more clearly! Here on CarBibles you can find different types of car speakers and other useful accessories for your auto.

Final Thought

Updating the audio system is a great way of bringing your old car back to life. However, before you go down this road, you should be aware of what you’re getting into. The above article provides a guide on the crucial things to pay attention to!
Good luck!