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A Brief Guide on Mobile App Development Process

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Whether you are a business owner who wants to extend your presence on the digital market or a beginner entrepreneur with an idea for a startup, the most effective way to implement your plans and ideas is via a mobile app with a great startup app development agency. Such software solutions are in great demand, and more importantly, they can be used effectively regardless of your business niche.

Arounda Digital Design Agency has been involved with the development of such projects since the very first days of our work. So now, more than five years later, we can call ourselves professionals ready to cope even with the most challenging calls.

Mobile App Development Process Steps

Enhancing your business with a mobile application requires time and a lot of work that Arounda Agency specialists will do, accounting for your desires and preferences on how the final product should look. To implement your ideas to life, we’ve worked out some mobile app development process steps, which we use with every client.

Definition of the Strategy

The Arounda team will work on the idea of the product, determine its goals and specify the requirements for the development process. Also, we’ll work on

  • collecting information about the competitors;

  • learning the market trends;

  • specifying the target audience;

  • figuring out the app features that will comply with your vision of the result.

The UX concepts from our designers are also presented to the client at this stage.

As a result, you’ll receive the rough project cost and select the model for monetizing your profit from the app.

Designing the Interface

The next issue Arounda specialists work with is one of the essentials of what we do – thinking over every detail of the UI/UX to ensure the interaction with the app is convenient and guides the leads exactly as you want it.

Sketching wireframes and working on the digital product style is what happens at this stage. In the end, you’ll have the prototypes of your mobile application design.

App Development

Once the preparatory stages are done, a team of developers enters the game. With the help of the chosen tech stack, they’ll implement the features agreed at the planning stage. This stage will finish with the front-end and back-end of your app ready.


To make sure the app works correctly our QA specialists will test it for performance, functionality, security, compatibility with different devices and other things that may affect the UX. If any bugs are found, we’ll eliminate them for the flawless work of the application.


The actual release of the application into the market is what happens at this stage. This is also the time to market your app using all sorts of marketing strategies to make your potential users aware of it.

Support and Maintenance

This step is the final one, yet it never ends. Arounda team will continue supporting the app by improving the existing and adding new features, fixing bugs noticed in post-marketing, and implementing changes to the product design.

Bottom Line

The mobile app development process is complicated but working with an Arounda Agency, you won’t notice this as the process will go smoothly and with no hustle. If you want to know more about this, click here.