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A Brief Guide to Refinishing the Hardwood Floor

Wood is one of the noblest materials that we can use when covering the floor of an environment. It provides warmth, it is beautiful, and it lasts for many years. However, over time and with use, the boards wear out and lose their beauty, ruining any environment’s aesthetics. To make them look like the first day again, we will tell you how to refinishing the hardwood floor and leave it as new.

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Laminate wood floors

Most of us are terrified of the idea of ​​laminate floors because of the dust generated by polishing, the smell, and the need to move all the furniture. But it is something that we can do ourselves with the care that leaves us alone and spending much less. We offer you a detailed and straightforward step-by-step guide.

Before starting, a fundamental point. You have to check that the floor has not been polished several times before and have enough thickness. If the boards are too thin, we run the risk of them breaking.

Wood Floor Rejuvenation with Five Options

To clean the face of the floors, Patagonia Flooring and Bona propose five different programs. The first four are for a professional application:

# 1 Refreshing

Ideal to beautify, give life, and shine with totally ecological products, this service removes dirt from all surfaces, hiding small differences in tone and imperfections in the wood. You can clean deeply, even if the floor has chamfered edges or uneven joints. It can also be applied on vinyl, marble, rubber, and carpet surfaces.

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You can also refresh the floors with a new skirting board.

# 2 Renewal

It is a renovation and protection service for wooden floors that show wear due to traffic, scratches, or superficial marks. Also, a non-slip and fire retardant material is applied, protecting both the floor and the people who live in the place.

# 3 Restyling

This procedure allows changing the color and brightness, even generating new textures. State-of-the-art machinery is used that helps to regulate the abrasion on the floor, eliminating less than 1 mm of wood, increasing the useful life of your feet.

On the other hand, thanks to a technique that avoids having dust in suspension, it is possible to live naturally in the environment during the whole process, saving the typical inconveniences of covering furniture, dressing rooms, and even temporary removals.

With the floor refinishing service, it is possible to give the floor a final texture, and choose between a smooth, brushed, or carved surface. And, if you wish, you can change the tone, going from white to black, covering a whole chromatic range in its glossy or matte finishes.

# 4 Restoration

This method includes the “Restyling” program and the change of boards or the realization of wooden replicas to replace broken or missing pieces.

# 5 Self Care

The fifth program, also with impeccable results, is the one that “Doña Rosa” would do at home: thanks to the Spray Mop, it is possible to quickly take care of the wood since it doses the right and necessary amount of product, avoiding the harmful effects produced by excesses of water on natural wood. Thus, simply, it is made to look like the first day.

How to laminate a wooden floor

The varnish or plasticizer lacquer can only be applied to virgin wood or already laminated with a product with the same characteristics. If you have another incompatible material such as an alkyd varnish, paint, or wax, it is necessary to polish the floor with the corresponding tools.

To see in more detail how to laminate a wooden floor, you can see the note How to varnish or laminate floors. In general, in virgin or natural wood, three coats of the product are necessary, and 1 or 2 coats will be enough in already laminated wood (when it reaches the desired shine). Its application can be made with a brush, roller, or blowtorch.