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A Comprehensive Guide to Rank Tracking Proxies for Businesses

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Search engine optimization is the process all businesses follow to get a better rank for their websites on search engines like Google. They perform all tasks including on-page and off-page activities. However, performing tasks is not enough to get a good rank. The SEO process does include regular rank checks which are not possible without rank tracking proxies. Let us tell you why?

When you search for something on the Google, it collects the following data:

  • Your IP address
  • Location
  • Previous searches
  • Other data

According to this information, Google shares the results in the form of SERPs (search engine result pages). So if you think you will simply put a search query on Google with a targeted keyword and you will know your real rank. That is not a wise act. Let’s discuss how rank tracking proxies can help.

What Are Rank Tracking Proxies?

Rank tracking proxies are those online servers that enable you to browse the internet without disclosing your real IP address or location, and previous browsing history. It acts as a bridge between the website and your device. 

What Happens When You Search On Google With A Proxy Enabled?

When you search for something on Google. First, it goes to the proxy server, and then it goes to Google. Similarly, the results first go to the proxy server and then come to you.

In the entire process, Google collects the data which it receives from the proxy server which means the location, IP address, and other information will be collected from a proxy server. Consequently, the results won’t come according to your user behavior and location.

These results can be considered true ones while tracking the rank of a business on the search engine. 

Google is the most resilient search engine on the internet so it won’t allow you to spam.

Learn More About Rank Tracking Proxies

SEO Rank tracking proxies offer high speed, reliability, and anonymity to users while they are running large-scale SEO campaigns. They pretend to be intermediary servers that allow you to put on a mask. No matter whether you are:

  • Scraping SEO data
  • Tracking website rank
  • Searching link building opportunities, or
  • Tracking your competitors’ every update

The proxies give you the power to do all these activities without the risk of being blocked by Google. 

Why Must Businesses Use Rank Tracking Proxies?

As we all know that Google fetches our data to use it for its core business (online advertising). Whereas the proxies help you make anonymous searches on Google restricting it to get your information. 

This information is the biggest influencer behind the search results. If you do not want biased or personalized search results, you must opt-in for proxies. 

Helps To Get Real Rank Information

As the rank tracking proxies hide your data and do not leave a scope for Google to provide personalized search results. Thus, the results would be non-personalized and you will be able to check your real website rank on the search engine. 

You can also gather information about why some websites are ranking well or not.

Competitive Analysis

The manual competitive rank analysis is difficult without proxies as your results could be personalized. While using proxies, you can check what rank your competitors hold in reality with a specific keyword.

Best Rank Tracking Proxy Services

Now that you know what rank tracking proxies are, let’s have a look at what a business or a marketing agency can expect from them?

Multiple Residential IP addresses

Residential IP addresses are the ones that your service provider reroutes from someone else’s home IP address. The provider has to give you a pool of valid proxies. 

All you need is to make sure that the pool of IPs in the proxy server is enough to perform your tasks. If not, you will need to ask your provider for more, which may incur additional costs to you. If you don’t take enough IPs you may keep getting CAPTCHAs from Google. Soon, your account will be blocked. 

In any case, do not use data center proxies. They often get blocked quickly.

Location Targeting

If your SEO campaign targets a specific location, you will require targeted location proxies. Tell your provider about your targeted location. They will provide proxies as per your requirements.

Best Performance

Of course, everyone needs the best performance. No matter what the service is, no business compromises with the performance.

Choose a rank tracking proxies provider that offers fast, secure, and reliable servers for your business SEO requirements. 

Risk-Free with Guaranteed Success Rate

You will find many proxies provider. However, look for the one who designs custom packs at affordable prices that work exclusively with rank tracking. Make sure your rank proxies provider includes Guaranteed Success Rate in the plan making it risk-free as compared to other providers with shared unreliable proxy pools.

The Bottom Line

Rank tracking proxies can give more insightful results for you and your competitors’ website. You will be able to know the exact requirements of your SEO campaign to perform better in future campaigns.

Make sure you choose the appropriate proxies provider who gives you high-quality proxies with dedicated support.