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A Comprehensive Guide to Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have become quite common among most construction projects. Find out whether they are the best option for your window replacement needs.

How to Choose Vinyl Windows for Your Home

People prefer vinyl windows for their replacement needs because they were cheap compared to wood. The vinyl windows have become even better with advanced technology because they have been made more aesthetically appealing and are offer incomparably better energy-efficiency than most window materials.

There are so many cheap frames in the market nowadays, so it is easy to be tricked into buying something that will not bring value to your money. Before purchase, WindowTech Windows and Doors advises that you ensure you know what you want in your vinyl windows to avoid being duped. Take note of the following:

  1. Characteristics of Good Vinyl

Vinyl window frames are made from PVC, which stands for Polyvinyl Chloride. This material also makes electrical pipes, and the chemicals are mixed at different portions to bring out quality. Right vinyl window frames are expensive. Those with a bluish tint do not have enough quantities of titanium dioxide and tin.

  1. How Are the Frames Constructed?

The frames should have many chambers of different sizes. When you notice a frame with more sections, go for that one because it is of higher quality. These chambers are for avoiding deformation caused by the vinyl melting because of the sun’s heat.

The frames are assembled using two methods. One of them is screws, brackets, and caulk, while the other process is usually by welding. Welding reacts with the PVC chemically and forms a smooth vinyl seal. On the other hand, caulked seams are easy to break, mostly during shipping. For better quality frames, identify them with reinforced meeting rails and balanced systems. These two will tell you if the window is of high quality.

  1. Design

This entirely depends on your home’s architecture. You will choose your vinyl window depending on how your home’s architecture is. It would be best if you also considered the age of your home, as well as the overall aesthetics. This is because you might want to change the walls’ color, which should blend well with the color of your new vinyl window frames.

Depending on how old it is, you might also want to change the style by choosing a casement, bow or double-hung, or other different types of windows. Be careful when selecting your windows’ style, because instead of making your home look better, it might look uglier, and you live to regret it. It might also bring a significant adverse effect when you want to sell your home. Also, make sure to choose the best color that you won’t be bored with it after a short while.

  1. R-value

This will determine how much energy-efficient your windows are. Don’t concentrate on the looks and forget about the R-value. It depends on the quality of the glass and the insulating properties. These values range from 0.9-3, and the bigger the value, the more efficient your window frame is.  This is an essential factor to consider as it will significantly impact the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. It will also come in handy in case you decide to sell your property.