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A Full Guide To U.K.’s Horse Race Betting Game

U.K. horse racing is one of the most popular racing events in history. It is a melting pot of all horse racing shows attended by thousands of bettors and horse racing fans, and who’s to blame with racecourses and events like The Grand National, Cheltenham and the Investec Derby at Epsom.

Nowadays, modern horse betting games are more generalized, especially in the United States. They have innovated how the wagering comes for each racing event. On the other hand, the U.K. horse race betting still comes more comprehensive, giving more opportunities for all punters to find the best game they can play.

If you’re interested in U.K horse betting, we will showcase to you a full guide on how to bet in U.K. horse racing games. We are going to cover different types of bets to help you find your comfort zone and play wagering game that best suits you. Take a read!

U.K.’s Individual Horse Race Betting
These are the most common type of bets you can find in any U.K. horse racing, the same as what Pegasus world cup 2020 betting guide carries – one of the United States richest horse racing games.

Win Bet. It is the easiest bet that you can make where you only have to pick one horse racer. If the horse wins, then you can also reap the fruit of your labour right away.

Each Way. It’s two bets you made for one entry. The rules are easy. You just need to pay two amounts and bet for your entry to either win or place. If the racer wins, you’ll get the exact amount, but if it placed 1st, 2nd, or third, the amount you win is reduced depending on the odds.

Place Bet. These are bets set by the oddsmaker and rules are depending on their end.

Head to Head. You can pick two racers and must select which one will win. If he makes it, then you win the amount based on the odds set.

Lay. It is the most traditional bet where you wager for a horse racer that will not win the game.

U.K.’s Tote Horse Racing Bets
These are pool betting types that you can ultimately play. However, for this kind of horse race betting, the odds are determined after they are collected and entries are locked-in. Here are some of the common tote bets you can play.

Tote Swinger. You can pick two horses to win in three spots. To win this kind of betting game, the results must come in three dividends. The racer must end up in 1st and 2nd place, 2nd and 3rd place, or 1st and 3rd place.

Tote Exacta. It is where you can pick two racers that can finish either first or second in the exact order.

Tote Trifecta. It’s a little bit more challenging horse race betting game as you need to pick three racers that can place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the right order.

U.K.’s Multiple Horse Racing Bets
These are a bit challenging bets you can play as you might need the right strategy and timing to win.

4-Folds, Trebles, and Doubles. These are the types of accumulator bets. It means that every horse racer you pick to bet can win succeeding games.

Yankee. This bet is challenging and more difficult. You must pick eleven bets where you can combine the doubles, trebles, and fourfolds. You must win two games to get a return.

Lucky 15. This is the same with the Yankee betting game, but single bets are included. You only need to select one combination to play and win.

Tote Multiples
If you want to test your real horse racing betting prowess, you can play tote multiples to double your earnings.

Tote Placepot. This is something you want to strategize very well. It is a bet where you must pick a horse racer that can win in all meetings. If they only place, your winnings may also reduce.

Tote Quadpot. It’s the same with a placepot betting, but your horse entry should win during the fourth meeting until sixth.

Tote Jackpot. For this type of bet, you must pick six possible winners in a meeting. If there is no winner, then the prize is added to the next match.

The U.K. horse racing happens all year-round and some of these are wealthy, giving a huge amount of prizes. The betting games are also offered, giving you more opportunities to grow your bankroll. Thus, if you are looking forward bet in any U.K. horse racing tournament, the guide above can help you pick the most suitable betting game you can wager. U.K. horse racing is one of the most popular racing events in history. It is a melting pot of all horse racing shows attended by thousands of bettors and horse racing fans.