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A Guide – All You Should Know About YouTube Video Downloader

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YouTube is a trending platform where you can know about anything. Any person can use it just by downloading it. Here you can study, have fun, or watch your favorite movie. YouTube is a source where you can complete all your desires. You can get what you want to watch. These days YouTube is used for studies, and you can learn anything. But there is a problem with YouTube that here you cannot download any video.

Actually, the function of downloading is present, but you can download the video within the app. Which means you will not be able to share or edit it. But now it is no more a problem as many websites have launched YouTube video downloaders. You can use them to download the videos you want. These video downloaders make sharing and editing of the videos easy.

People who are finding a website or converter through which they can download YouTube videos should be aware of the below-mentioned points. Some people want to have a converter but do not know what features they should use to compare different video downloaders. So here they are you can consider these points:

Points one must know about YouTube video downloader

There are many things that you should look after when you are finding a good video downloader to download YouTube videos. You can find many common features that you can get in a good video downloader like coconvert. It is a platform where you can get all the conveniences of downloading YouTube videos. Here are the points one should definitely have in their video downloader.

Resolutions selection 

When you are using a video downloader, then it must have a resolution option in it. Resolution options allow you to get the video in the exact resolution you want, like HD, 4Kor full HD. Finding the correct resolution is essential because sometimes you want clear picturization, so you prefer HD-quality videos. 

However, sometimes you do not have that much space on your device, so you have to download the video in low quality as it contains small space. With a correct video converter, you can mold your video in the resolution you wish to have.

Compatible with all the apps 

A video downloader does not provide you the option only to convert YouTube videos. They contain all types of apps so that you can convert video of any app like Facebook, sound cloud or YouTube. Ensure to check the app you are using if it supports all the apps and can convert the videos as per your direction. Because if you use an app to convert video and it does not support other apps on your phone, then it will be worthless. 

Allow downloading in batches 

You can get different types of video downloaders as tons of them are present in the market. Some downloaders do not download the videos in different batches or have a certain limit till you can download the videos. 

Therefore when you are selecting a video downloader, then you must select the one which allows you to download videos without any limit and provides you the facility to download them in different batches. There are times when you do not want to download the whole video as it is too long. 

So you can download a selective batch from it if you have the right video downloader. Video downloaders like coconvert allow you to download videos in multiple batches and even long playlists. But you do not have to worry as you can download the video according to you.

Do not share personal information 

While downloading videos from YouTube, you do not need to share any personal information. Some of the scanning websites will try to take your personal information, but there is no need to show your personal information in video downloading. Anytime you get a notification to share your personal information, then you should leave that website or app right away and delete your account from it.

Download only from reliable sources 

The source of the video downloader should be trustworthy because if you select the app from unreliable sources, then it can create viruses and malware on your computer. It would be best if you found a video downloader like coconvert, as it is a thoroughly reliable and trusted platform to convert YouTube videos. 

The above are some tips that you should consider while looking for a good video downloader. These are expert tips that can lead you to a great downloader. But still, there are some more variations that you can get in a video downloader. That is, they are provided in two types. 

  • Online converter
  • Desktop converters 

Online converters

These converters are also known as web-based apps or websites. Here you do not have to download any kind of separate app on your mobile as it works with the URL system. These downloaders will help you download the videos through online modes without charging any fee. 

In a web-based downloader, you just have to enter the URL of the video that you want to download. And they will download it for you. They will also provide you different formats so you can download the video in MP3 versions. These are less complicated and effective in incurring a minimum cost. 

Desktop converter

In desktop converters, you do not need any internet connection as you can download the videos offline mode. But it can be more complicated for you as you have to complete the conversion in two different steps. Firstly you have to download the video that you want to convert in a different format or resolution. In the first app, the video will be downloaded precisely when it is uploaded on YouTube. In the second step, you can convert it to another resolution of format if you want.


The above were some tips and points you should know while selecting a video downloader. These points will help a person to find the correct video downloader like coconvert. I hope the points will be helpful for you and you get your desired video converter.