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A Guide to Being a Healthy and Confident Wheelchair User

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The world is full of gastronomic delights. You have access to a plethora of mouth-watering and absolutely delectable unhealthy foods. It is a challenging affair to stay healthy and keep obesity at bay. Avoiding finger-licking unhealthy foods can be hard to practice. However, wheelchair users have to be careful about food consumption. The single most issue among wheelchair users worldwide is obesity. Issues associated with weight gain have come to our notice on several occasions. However, many wheelchair users go through emotional turmoil and mental health issues. Some of you have been using wheelchairs since birth, while others have started using wheelchairs after an illness or accident. However, using a wheelchair is not something to be depressed about or ashamed of. Do not lose heart. It is possible to lead a happy and fulfilling life despite being in a wheelchair. Here are some expert tips to become a healthy and happy wheelchair user.

Do Cardiovascular Exercise Regularly

Half of the disabled people in the United States do not exercise. Remember that lack of exercise may jeopardize their health. A vast majority of inactive adults who experience climbing steps or walking issues cannot hear, see, or concentrate properly. They have issues making decisions or remembering things. According to an article on WebMD, many adults with disability issues can exercise but they fail to do it regularly. If you do not get enough exercise, you have more chances of getting diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or stroke than people who indulge in their recommended quota of physical exercise.

It is pivotal to engage in cardiovascular exercises, as they are excellent for boosting your lung and heart health. The objective is to keep working out till you start sweating and your heart rate goes up. Such cardiovascular exercises are wheelchair sprinting, playing basketball, and swimming. All wheelchair users should do regular exercises to stay fit and maintain good health.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Physical health is directly related to mental health. Many wheelchair users go through phases of depression. They lack confidence and think that they are good for nothing since they cannot perform several things for themselves like others. They often go through bouts of anxiety. Often wheelchair users are in emotional turmoil. You should consult a qualified counselor and seek clinical advice from a qualified medical practitioner. You need to work toward boosting your overall mental health. You simply need to stay motivated and you can do everything like others and fulfill your goals and aspirations just like others. You now have access to the most powerful all terrain wheelchair that helps you perform all outdoor activities, including going on mountain trails, hiking, and more.

Reduce Calorie Intake & Opt for Low-Calorie Diets

Wheelchair users must avoid being obese and maintain perfect body weight. You may opt for foods like vegetables and fruits that have low calories. Avoid foods high in fats and consume food items high in carbohydrates or proteins. Consume plenty of fluids, but avoid fizzy drinks. You can also calculate calorie deficit required to lose some weight.


Maintaining good health both mental and physical is crucial for all wheelchair users. Sit properly and keep changing your posture to avoid undesirable pressure sores. Try to maintain a good posture. Follow all the tips discussed above to lead a healthy and happy life.