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A Guide to Camden: 5 Places to Go When You Want to Laugh

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Did you know that laughter is good for your health? You have probably heard this before. But, people do not realise the extent that laughing is good for you. Namely, it can boost your immune system and even help with pain management. Plus, let’s not forget that it can improve your mood. You are smiling and feel happy, especially when you are hanging out with your loved ones.

So, where can you go when you need a good laugh in Camden? Thankfully, there are many spots you can enjoy on the weekend and after work on weekdays. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Comedy Carnival

The first place you have to visit when you are in Camden is Comedy Carnival. This is a popular comedy club in the capital, which boasts stand-up comedy shows from talented comedians. Indeed, this means that you can have a great laugh and a good night with your friends. You can choose the show online and book your tickets easily. Comedy in Camden has never been more accessible, with several comedians in each show. What’s more, you can choose a comedy show and dinner ticket, which will make a reservation. This saves you having to wait on the night and potentially being late for the show. Your seats are reserved for you.


You might be in Camden, but you can step into a whole new world with DNA VR. This is somewhere you must try with your friends. It is called a virtual reality arcade and you can put on a headset and have some fun. For example, you can be launched into a zombie apocalypse or go on another adventure with your loved ones. You will be laughing together as you experience how real these games can be. What’s more, you can see if you get the top score or can survive in the challenge you are given. This can be part of a fun night, whether you go for dinner first or a few drinks after. There is no doubt you will be talking about this experience and just how much fun you have had.

Plonk Golf

Do you enjoy a game of mini-golf? This is the perfect way to laugh and relax with your friends. You can all grab a club and see how well you do on the neon courses here. You can laugh at each other’s failings, as well as play to be the winner. This is all while having a cocktail and socialising. The quirky course is fun and unique, which ensures that your visit is memorable. Therefore, for a few hours of fun, head to Plonk Golf. It is definitely a place to have a laugh with your friends and enjoy some friendly competition.

Party N Paint

Do you call yourself a bit of an artist? Do you like to have fun at the same time? Well, you can try going to Party N Paint. This is a fun spot that you can enjoy with your friends and it is at Duo London. First, you can enjoy the club classics, as well as 90s hip hop. This can give you the songs you love and you can sing along as a group. What’s more, you get to enjoy a drink or two. This is going to ensure you and your friends are having a great time. But, the best part is that you get to paint. Think about this as being a fun and exciting art class that makes you want to laugh the whole time.


Normally, shopping is an enjoyable experience but not something that is fun. Well, that is until you have shopped at Cyberdog. This is a unique store that you can find in Camden and most people love to take a look. You never know, you might like one of the outfits in here! Inside Cyberdog, you can find a variety of clothing. We are talking about neon pieces and clothing you might wear to festivals. There is no doubt that some outfits will make you laugh and you might want to try them on with your friends.

Therefore, head to Cyberdog if you want to see some different rave clothing. People like to browse with their friends and try on an outfit. What’s more, the cool theme is something that is enjoyable to see with your own eyes. We are talking about giant metal sculptures.