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A Guide to Redefining Tradition for Your Wedding Day

What are the Traditions of Weddings?

Weddings are among the most significant events in the life of a person. Many traditions come with this event – from the wedding ceremony to the reception.

Many of these traditions have been passed down through generations, sometimes even since ancient times. Some of these customs were developed to keep things organized and safe, while others were meant to make sure that people had a lot of fun during the celebration.

Wedding etiquette is a set of rules and customs that are followed during a wedding ceremony. It is also the way people behave at a wedding.

It has evolved, with different countries and cultures having their traditions. With the increasing popularity of social media, many people have become more aware of how to behave at a wedding.

Wedding Etiquette

  1. Be on time for your wedding – this means arriving before the ceremony starts and staying until it ends. In most cases, you will be seated next to your partner or in the same row as them.
  2. You should not give away your seat – if you find yourself in an empty seat, it should be left empty for someone else to sit in.
  3. Only show up if you are invited.
  4. Not be disruptive – this means no loud talking, no running around during the ceremony or reception, and no taking pictures unless you have been asked first.
  5. The majority of your wedding day should be enjoyed in peace.
  6. The majority of the ceremony and reception should be enjoyed in peace.
  7. Respect those around you – no photography during the ceremony, no centerpieces on the altar, no excessive drinking, etc.
  8. Do not force your religion or spirituality on others.
  9. Be discrete – if you are asked not to share something about your wedding with friends or family, you should not share it.
  10. Do not need to be “too” formal – if the bride and groom would rather have friends and family over their wedding brunch, they can do so.

Ways to Make Your Wedding More Personalized and Unique

There are many ways to make your wedding more personalized and unique.

– Have a unique wedding ritual

– Create your personalized wedding traditions

– Make the ceremony personal by having a special reading or song

– Add personal vows, poems, and songs

– Have a non-traditional ceremony

– Make a personalized playlist

– Have a special wedding photo session (and share with friends and family)

– Have your guests sign an “I Do” card with their favorite quote on it

– Create a personalized dinner menu

– Have unique wedding centerpieces, such as taper candle holders, decorative lanterns, etc.

– Have a unique wedding ritual:

At the beginning of the ceremony, stand on either side and talk to each other about what it was like when they first met.

Remember back to all their early days together and the little things you have experienced over time. Then promise that those days will always be with you as you get married.

– Create your personalized wedding traditions:

If you and your partner have a strong connection to nature, choose flowers centerpiece vases for the ceremony;

If you are both musicians, play an acoustic version of your wedding song during the ceremony;

If you are both passionate about wine, have an open bar during the ceremony.

Tips on Choosing Colors & Creating Beautiful Space On Your Wedding

The colors you choose for your wedding can be a reflection of who you are and the mood you want to create. Choosing colors for your wedding is a fun and creative process, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Brides and grooms can use these tips to pick the colors that will make their wedding day special.

  • Green is a popular color for Irish weddings. The traditional shade of green for Ireland is shamrock green. It can be the shade of everything from the bridesmaids’ dresses to your invitations to your flowers.
  • Yellow is a common color for weddings in many cultures, including Asian and Middle Eastern cultures. For example, the traditional color of Chinese wedding dresses is yellow. The American version of this color is sunshine yellow which you can use to brighten up your wedding or even as an accent color.
  • Gold and silver are also colors that represent wealth and prosperity, making them popular choices for weddings. For example, gold is a traditional color in Asian weddings such as Chinese and Japanese. The American take on this color is copper/bronze which can also be used to add a richer and more luxurious touch to your wedding.

Tips on Bridesmaid Attire in Cultural Wedding Customs

Bridesmaid attire is a great way to show your appreciation for your cultural wedding customs. In some cultures, bridesmaids are expected to wear white and in others, they can wear whatever they want. However, you must choose an outfit that fits the theme of the wedding and your culture.

The following are tips on choosing bridesmaid attire in different cultures:

In some cultures, bridesmaids are expected to wear white and in others, they can wear whatever they want. First, find out what the wedding is themed around, and then choose an outfit that fits the theme. For example, if the wedding is an agriculturally or rustic theme, choose a dress or skirt with a patterned fabric.

-For Indian bridesmaids, go for a long and elaborate red saree with a matching dupatta.

-For Asian bridesmaids, choose an elegant Chinese dress or robe with slits up the sides and white silk shoes.

-For African White bridesmaids, go for a traditional Ethiopian costume that consists of a head wrap, skirt, and matching top. that’s made out of linen.

-For Black bridesmaids, go for a royal cape, trousers and shirt outfit with a royal headband.

How to Recreate Vintage Style Weddings with Unique & Thoughtful Decorations

Vintage weddings are all about the details. They are characterized by beautiful, unique, and thoughtful decorations that make a wedding feel special.

Here are some decorating ideas for your vintage-style wedding.

  • Use vintage items for your centerpieces and lighting fixtures such as old bottles of wine, champagne corks, and old teacups.
  • Use antique frames to display photos of you with your loved ones or guests at your wedding.
  • Use antiques in the venue to add character to it such as old doors, windows, and molding.
  • Use old chandeliers, lighting fixtures, and ceiling fans to add more character to the room.
  • Use vintage mirrors as your “wedding suite”, a placement where you have an amazing view of the wedding reception while getting ready.