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A Guide to Technology for Education Support Professionals

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Teachers play a fundamental role in children’s growth and development. Providing them with the best technology helps them provide the ideal learning environment. Over three million teachers work in schools across the United States.

Part of professional development as a teacher is learning to use and leverage technology to help students grow. The resources education support professionals can use have changed drastically over the past decade.

Knowing what you can do to help students and create an engaging learning environment is the best for students and career advancement. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to learn about the tech you can use in your classroom. Continue reading to upgrade your teaching resources today!


Flip is a fantastic learning platform for students of all ages. It’s gaining popularity throughout the U.S. because of its flexibility to students and teaching staff.

Students can submit digital projects with a straightforward process. Flip is easy to learn and navigate, ensuring quick implementation and an improved learning environment.

It’s also ideal for students and teachers to provide feedback on assignments. Consider learning to use Flip to improve your education career.


Edpuzzle is another resource you should learn through professional development. It’s an ideal tool to create presentations and video clips for your pupils.

Requiring student responses makes the presentations and videos interactive. Edpuzzle can be used in the classroom or remotely.

The responses are straightforward to find and collect. You can then assess the responses and provide grades to your students. It’s a program worth considering if you want assistance from technology as education support professionals.


Competitiveness brings out the best in many students. Gimkit is the perfect technology to boost classroom engagement. It’s a program designed for teachers to pose questions in the classroom.

The students in the classroom can compete against each other to submit the correct answers first. It’s one of the best tools for education careers because you can help your students review content and prepare for exams.

Students can earn points in several ways, increasing the fun. When starting your career as a teacher, combine Gimkit with this Bay Area program.


Mural is an excellent addition to the tech you use with your students. It’s beneficial when teaching in a remote setting because it allows for enhanced collaboration.

Mural is designed as an alternative to being in the classroom. It encourages the collaborative learning spirit. It collects all the dialogue from each class session to enhance note-taking and learning.

Consider These Technology Solutions for Education Support Professionals

Teachers are the foundation of learning for students across the United States. Education support professionals must have the resources they need to provide the best learning experience for pupils.

Flip is fantastic for engagement and digital projects. Edpuzzle boosts engagement in video and PowerPoint presentations. Gimkit is ideal for reviewing content in the classroom in a competitive manner.

Technology plays a significant role in the typical learning experience. Read our Tech content for insights into the best products and software today!