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A Look at Laura McQuade’s Ability to Transform the Business Landscape  

When it comes to running a successful business, many owners are often far too close to daily challenges to find workable solutions. They may then get stuck simply trying to stay afloat rather than promoting winning transformations and growth. Eventually, the company may end up treading water as the competition passes them by.

Fortunately, it’s possible to get over that hump and move forward with help from a strategic visionary, like Laura McQuade. Using her ability to transform the business landscape across many fields, she can help organizations develop comprehensive strategies that help them overcome all their challenges. But she doesn’t stop there.

After putting the strategies in place, McQuade gladly assists the entire team in adopting the new approach and working together on achieving all the company’s goals. So, it just makes sense that after doing this over and over throughout her career, she has opened her own consulting firm, Airmedh Advisory.

The Start of Airmedh Advisory

As Laura McQuade glanced around the business landscape in mid-2020, she found there was room for big transformations across most fields. Many healthcare organizations, in particular, were strapped just providing day-to-day care to their patients and lacked the time and resources to look strategically at making meaningful changes to their operations in response to shifting business and care delivery landscapes.

In response, she launched her consulting company, Airmedh Advisory, to help the nonprofit and for profit organizations overcome their difficulties in moving forward. She offers not only her strategic visions for their operations, but also provides interim leadership services to help organizations move through the transformation.

In meeting with each client, Laura McQuade clearly identifies the organization’s needs, including a lack of funding. With those challenges in mind, she can extend her services to the company while sharing the potential benefits.

Once she starts working with the organization, her process brings in employees at all levels of the company to assist in the transformation. This helps promote ownership of the new approach to help the changes stay in place for the long term and achieve the desired results.

A History of Successful Transformations

In order to aid in effective business transformations, Laura McQuade taps into the knowledge and skills built during her successful career. Throughout it all, she has maintained a commitment to serving the underserved in the healthcare and finance sectors.

Healthcare Access

In her multiple roles at Planned Parenthood, Laura McQuade served as a key player in helping improve access to sexual and reproductive healthcare for patients all across the nation. She initially worked as the President & CEO of Planned Parenthood Great Plains before moving on to become the President & CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. She also served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Planned Parenthood of New York City.

Her efforts helped expand their service offerings to ensure more people could get the proper amount and type of care they need to stay healthy and happy. This included expanding bricks and mortar health centers, building mobile health units to serve patients closer to home, and introducing telehealth.  Her passion and commitment to ensuring patients could get the sexual and reproductive healthcare they need began during her time as Executive Vice President and COO at the Center for Reproductive Rights. In that role, she helped ensure sexual and reproductive rights on a global scale, allowing her to better see what each community needed from their healthcare organizations.

Financial Services and International Affairs

Before taking an interest in the healthcare world, Laura McQuade worked in finance and international affairs at:

  • Financial Services Volunteer Corps
  • Foundation for a Civil Society
  • United Nations Development Programme
  • Bank of America Global Corporate and Investment Bank
  • Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
  • National Democratic Institute of International Affairs

Through all those experiences, she gained the ability to advocate for underserved populations all around the world. She also developed a strong understanding of the financial world, business operations, and the importance of strategic visions and flexible leadership.

Awards and Accolades Earned by Laura McQuade

As Laura McQuade shakes up the business world, she regularly earns many impressive awards and accolades. She’s been named one of the top 50 Most Powerful Women in New York by Crain. And she has landed on many top 100 lists compiled by the New York City and State publication.

A Focus on the Future of Healthcare Organizations

In the end, McQuade always focuses on helping organizations to fulfill their missions better than ever before, especially when faced with a changing business landscape. She keeps innovation at the forefront of her mind in providing advisory services and interim leadership support.

Through that approach, she’s able to assist organizations in achieving their goals and working through the toughest of problems. She even has the stunning ability to get everyone on the same page, despite initial disagreements or pushback from owners and management. For those reasons, the sky is truly the limit in what organizations can achieve when they look to McQuade for solutions.