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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Buy Cardano on Coinbase

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First you have to register on the Coinbase platform. To do this you have to press the button with the inscription «Registration» on the main page of the resource and fill in the opened form. You need to enter standard data — name and surname, valid e-mail address and password to the account. Since minors work is prohibited here, you have to agree that you are already 18 years old, enter a CAPTCHA and press the button «Create Account». A letter with a link will be sent to the specified e-mail address, and you should go to it to confirm your registration. The next step is to enter a phone number that will receive a text message with a code. Legal entities will also be able to cooperate with Coinbase by trading as an institutional investor or by using merchandise services.

After you as a trader have started an account on the platform, you can start work here immediately. For example, enter your crypto-socket and choose the section «Settings», which has four tabs: «My Profile», «Preferences», «Security», «API Access».

In the first tab you can change your data — mail, password, set photo, add personal information, indicating country of residence, date of birth.

In the second it is proposed to adjust the time zone and currency for the payment. The electronic notification service has started.

When moving to the third page, the client can activate two-factor authentication to track its work in the account.

The fourth section will interest advanced users or developers. Once you have completed the settings, you can go to the tab «Tools», which lists the tools available on the platform. After that you must get a trading permit. Everyone is interested in how to Buy Cardano on Coinbase.

It is desirable to spend enough time to get acquainted with the functionality of the platform. Once you start to understand how an exchange works, you can start buying a cryptocurrency.

The next step is to buy an electronic wallet in which electronic currency will be stored. It is necessary for the money to be kept in a safe place.

Then we check how we can replenish the balance. After choosing a possible replenishment method, we begin to transfer the money to our account.

Then you have to choose the purchase method. There are order limited and market limits. There you already choose what is comfortable for you. It is very important to monitor the growth of cryptocurrency.

And the very last step is to buy Cardano. You can simply convert your currency to ADA. If you did buy an electronic wallet, put all your currency in it.