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A Teenager’s Best-Loved Lifestyle Choices

Fashion is a significant facet of a teenager’s life. Fashion choices are howmost teens can make a statement to their peers and grown-ups about who they are. It can be a symbol of rebellion, group bonds, or a desire to look like an admired celebrity. Teens today have to cope with immense pressure on social media about how they look; making good style choices, even their pjs, that create a sense of self-worth is critical to their well-being.

Let’s take a look at some of the best-loved fashion trends in the world of the teenager:

#1 Flared pants

The skinny pants, so dear to teenagers a few years ago, is slowly dying a death. Pants with breathable materials, stretchy waistbands, and flared legs in floral prints are what teenagers are wearing.  Although they are similar to the bell-bottoms of the 1960s, there is a difference.Bell-bottoms were a little loose, while flared pants are tight-fitting on the thighs.They are flattering to all body-types and are comfortable too.

#2 Flatform sneakers

Sneakers have always been popular with the fashionable teen, thanks to the comfort and style they offer. This time around, they are elevated with platform heels called ‘flatforms.’ Like the platform heels of the 70s, flatforms have an elevation across the full length of the shoe—but no extra height at the heel. There is an even height beginning at the toe to the heel.Some shoes have support in the middle for the foot arches.

#3 Matte tortoise oversized sunglasses

Jumbo glasses have overtaken the tiny frames trend. We are going back to the 70s movement of these fun-loving statement pieces with the tortoiseshell frame in yellow, honey, brown, and black. They look super-cool while protecting sensitive teenage eyes from sun damage.

#4 Neon coloured jackets

Vests in bright greens, yellows, purples,and blues with detachable sleeves are slowly gaining fans across the teenage fashion scene. Trending teen musician Bille Eilish led the way with these oh-so-cosyand funky jackets.

#5 Jewelery

Silver pendants and silver earringshave never gone out of style. Textured and large, or small and delicate, it seems teens and grown-ups agree with this trend. Edgy metal jewellery with padlock-and-key designs, stone studded safety pin-like earrings, chunky finger rings are all currently fashionable. 

#6 Statement Shells

Beachy glossy, highly patterned seashells are the must-have beads for today’s teens. Any trending Instagram fashion account will show you a mind-boggling array of the shapes and sizes of these Cowrie shell necklaces.

#7 Backpacks

Today’s teenagers were born with laptops; they have a practical approach to life where bags are not just fashion statements but must suit their lifestyles.Backpacks are the one accessory that they carry almost every day and contains everyday study essentials. Even with virtual learning, it is still a go-to item to help stationery and text from the study table when work is done for the day.They can be classic monochrome or flashy with bright colours, but they have to be light-weight, waterproof and have many well-designed, easy-to-reach pockets.

#8 Cute socks

When you are a teen, everything is a style statement. Wearing old, boring white or faded socks with holes is a complete no-no. Soft, breathable ankle length socks with tiny patterns: hearts, stars, or stripes to be worn with sneakers are a must-have in the teenage wardrobe. Animal prints and lace socks are also a huge look.

#9 Upcycled accessories

Today’s teenagers are a lot more conscious of the effects of environmental damage. Upcycled accessories with old clothes and fabric being converted into multi-coloured eye-catching earrings, necklaces, and headbands are stylish. They are inexpensive and an easy way to contribute a little bit to reduce waste.

#10 Thrift shop clothes

What teenagers want are easy-to-wear, affordable, and fashionable clothes. But they also enjoyhaving lots of choices. Luckily, the new craze of thrift shopping for ‘pre-loved’ clothes is a great way to achieve all these fashion goals. Small thrift shops sell well-preserved clothes in fantastic condition that suits a teenager’s lifestyle and pocket money—another healthy fad to reuse waste.

#11 Ethnic for festivities

Teens in India know that sneakers, jeans, and mini skirts are all very well. But to look and feel glamorous for all our celebrations, pujas,and weddings, one will have to dress up in ethnic wear, lehenga cholis, kurtis paired with skirts, leggings, and pants. The traditional reds and magentas are not popular anymore. The on-trend hues are pale yellow, the colour of custard,  aquamarine, subtle strawberry pinks, and more. These are paired with traditional silver earrings with floral designs or extra-large hoops and a delicate necklace with silver pendants in peacock or other ethnic motifs. Colorful bangles and tinkling anklets can also be added for a full ethnic picture.

Whatever the personal style choices – it’s an excellent time for the stylish teenager.