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ABC and CBS Top Thursday

'Grey's Anatomy' Season-Ender a Standout for ABC

What follows are the fast affiliate results for Thursday, May 19 broken out by network and by each half-hour:

-Total Viewers:

CBS: 6.34 million, ABC: 5.42, NBC: 4.18, Fox: 3.09, CW: 1.59

-Adults 18-49:

ABC and CBS: 1.3 rating/5 share each, NBC: 0.8/ 3, Fox: 0.7/ 3, CW: 0.6/ 2


8:00 p.m.

ABC – Grey’s Anatomy (season finale)
Viewers: 8.21 million (#2), A18-49: 2.4/10 (#1)

CBS – The Big Bang Theory (R)
Viewers: 8.44 million (#1), A18-49: 1.7/ 7 (#2)

NBC – Strong
Viewers: 2.68 million (#4), A18-49: 0.6/ 3 (#5)

Fox – Bones
Viewers: 4.12 million (#3), A18-49: 0.8/ 4 (#3)

CW – D.C.’s Legends of Tomorrow (season finale)
Viewers: 1.93 million (#5), A18-49: 0.7/ 3 (#4)


8:30 p.m.

ABC – Grey’s Anatomy (season finale)
Viewers: 8.03 million (#1), A18-49: 2.2/ 9 (#1)

CBS – The Odd Couple
Viewers: 7.17 million (#2), A18-49: 1.5/ 6 (#2)

NBC – Strong
Viewers: 2.33 million (#4), A18-49: 0.6/ 2 (#4t)

Fox – Bones
Viewers: 4.25 million (#3), A18-49: 0.8/ 3 (#3)

CW – D.C.’s Legends of Tomorrow (season finale)
Viewers: 1.81 million (#5), A18-49: 0.6/ 2 (#4t)


9:00 p.m.

ABC – The Catch (season finale)
Viewers: 4.31 million (#3), A18-49: 0.9/ 3 (#3)

CBS – Mom (season finale)
Viewers: 8.00 million (#1), A18-49: 1.7/ 6 (#1)

NBC – The Blacklist (season finale)
Viewers: 6.66 million (#2), A18-49: 1.3/ 5 (#2)

Fox – American Grit
Viewers: 1.94 million (#4), A18-49: 0.6/ 2 (#4)

CW – The 100 (season finale)
Viewers: 1.39 million (#5), A18-49: 0.5/ 2 (#5)


9:30 p.m.

ABC – The Catch (season finale)
Viewers: 3.94 million (#3), A18-49: 0.9/ 3 (#3)

CBS – The Odd Couple
Viewers: 6.06 million (#2), A18-49: 1.4/ 5 (#1)

NBC – The Blacklist (season finale)
Viewers: 6.77 million (#1), A18-49: 1.3/ 4 (#2)

Fox – American Grit
Viewers: 2.05 million (#4), A18-49: 0.6/ 2 (#4)

CW – The 100 (season finale)
Viewers: 1.23 million (#5), A18-49: 0.4/ 2 (#5)


10:00 p.m.

ABC – The Catch (season finale)
Viewers: 4.06 million (#2), A18-49: 0.8/ 3 (#2)

CBS – Rush Hour
Viewers: 4.36 million (#1), A18-49: 0.9/ 3 (#1)

NBC – Game of Silence
Viewers: 3.62 million (#3), A18-49: 0.7/ 3 (#3))


10:30 p.m.

ABC – The Catch (season finale)
Viewers: 3.95 million (#2), A18-49: 0.8/ 3 (#1t)

CBS – Rush Hour
Viewers: 4.00 million (#1), A18-49: 0.8/ 3 (#1t)

NBC – Game of Silence
Viewers: 3.04 million (#3), A18-49: 0.6/ 2 (#3)

Source: Nielsen Media Research


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  1. From ABC

    BC Thursday Prime (8-11pm – 5.4 million and 1.3/5 in AD18-49): ABC ranked #1 on the final Thursday of the 2015-16 season in Live + Same Day Adults 18-49 (1.3/5-tie). The Net’s Thursday averages will continue to build with strong gains from TV playback. In fact ABC has regularly won Thursday in the Live + 3 Day Adult 18-49 ratings since the return of its TGIT lineup in February (on 2/11/16), finishing as the #1 entertainment network on the evening on 13 of the final 14 weeks this season.

    · ABC’s 12th season finale of Grey’s Anatomy stood as Thursday’s #1 TV show in Adults 18-49.

    Grey’s Anatomy (8-9pm – 8.1 million and 2.3/9 in AD18-49): At 8pm, the 12th season finale of ABC’s Grey’s was up in Total Viewers (+4% – 8.1 million vs. 7.7 million) and Adults 18-49 (+10% – 2.3/9 vs. 2.1/8) scoring 14-week highs on both measures – since 2/11/16. Grey’s also grew 5% over its year-ago season finale in Adults 18-49 (2.2/8 on 5/14/15).

    The Catch (9-11pm – 4.1 million and 0.9/3 in AD18-49): From 9-11pm, the 2-hour freshman finale of The Catch held even with its week-ago Fast Affiliate Adult 18-49 rating (0.9/3), which adjusted up 1-tenth in the National ratings. Live + 7 Day Ratings for The Catch Season 1: On average The Catch spikes by 80% in Adults 18-49 over its Live + Same Day number to deliver a 1.8 rating in Live + 7 Day. The ABC drama also adds 2.8 million viewers to average of 7.8 million viewers in Live + 7 Day Total Viewers.

    · On average during its first season run, The Catch improved its Thursday 10pm time period year to year for ABC by 11% in Total Viewers and 7% in Adults 18-49.

  2. From NBC




    Thursday Primetime Results:

    “The Blacklist” (1.3/4 in 18-49, 6.7 million viewers overall from 9-10:01 p.m. ET):

    · Maintains +100% week to week in 18-49 (1.3 vs. 1.3).

    · Equals its 18-49 high since April 14 (1.4), despite last night’s high viewer interest in the NBA Playoffs.

    · Grows in total viewers (6.709 million vs. 6.616 million) to deliver its most-watched episode since April 21 (7.017 million).

    · Ranks #2 in the slot among the Big 4 in adults 18-49 (within 0.2 of a point of #1) and total viewers.

    · Ties for #1 in the slot among those nets in adults 18-34.

    · These numbers will increase dramatically with time-shifting and viewing on alternate platforms:

    o L+7: “Blacklist” has grown by +98% this season in 18-49 rating (from a 1.44 to a 2.85) and more than 4.8 million viewers overall (6.8 million to 11.7 million) going from L+SD to L+7.

    o L+3: Last week’s “Blacklist” increased by +71% in 18-49 going from L+SD to L+3 (1.30 to 2.22) and by 3.4 million persons in total viewers (6.6 million to 10.0 million).

    o The May 12 telecast generated the biggest lifts of the night on the Big 4 in 18-49 percentage.

    o L+3+7 Days of Alternate-Platform Views: The prior week’s episode grew by +79% (to a 2.3 rating) via time-shifting (3 days) and 7-day alternate-platform viewership (1.30 rating to a projected 2.33 rating in TAMi estimates).

    · Upscale: “Blacklist” is generating a strong upscale audience, indexing at a 146 among adults 18-49 living in homes with $100K+ incomes (“most current” including L+3).

    “Game of Silence” (0.7/2 in 18-49, 3.3 million viewers overall from 10:01-11 p.m. ET):

    · Matches the show’s highest 18-49 rating since its regular-slot debut on April 14 (0.8)

    · Delivers its top total-viewer figure since April 21 (3.348 million).

    · Grew week to week in total viewers for a third straight week (3.330 million vs. 3.261 million on May 23 vs. 3.256 million on May 5 vs. 3.078 million on April 28), pending updates.

    · Finishes within 0.2 of #1 among ABC, CBS and NBC in the time period in adults 18-49 versus the original competition of CBS’s “Rush Hour” (0.9) and ABC’s second hour of “The Catch” (0.8).

    · Competing against coverage of the NBA Playoffs on ESPN, maintains 100% week to week in 18-49 (0.7 vs. 0.7).

    · Will grow substantially via time-shifting and VOD:

    o L+3: Last week’s “Silence” grew by +41% in 18-49 going from L+SD to L+3 (0.66 to 0.93) and by 1.1 million persons in total viewers (3.3 million to 4.4 million).

    o L+7: “Game of Silence” has grown by +58% in adult 18-49 rating going from L+SD to L+7 (0.69 to 1.09) and 1.7 million persons in total viewers (3.4 million vs. 5.1 million).

    o Last week’s episode added more than 300,000 full-episode views (P2+) in seven days on (328,814).

    “Strong” (0.6/2 in 18-49, 2.5 million viewers overall from 8-9 p.m. ET):

    · Finishes within 0.1 of last week in 18-49 (0.6 vs. 0.7) and within +3% in total viewers (2.507 million vs. 2.597 million), pending updates.

    · Last week’s telecast added more than 100,000 full-episode views (P2+) in seven days on and Hulu (120,798).

    In Late-Night Metered Markets Thursday Night:

    · In Nielsen’s 56 metered markets, household results were: “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” 2.2/6; “Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” 1.7/4; and ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” 1.8/5.

    · In the 25 markets with Local People Meters, adult 18-49 results were: “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” 0.7/4; “Late Show,” 0.3/2; and “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” 0.4/2.

    · From 12:35-1:05 a.m. ET, ABC’s “Nightline” averaged a 1.3/4 in metered-market households and a 0.4/3 in 18-49 in the Local People Meters.

    · From 12:35-1:35 a.m. ET, “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (1.1/4 in metered-market households) beat CBS’s “Late Late Show” (0.9/3). In the 25 markets with Local People Meters, “Late Night” (0.4/3 in 18-49) topped “Late Late Show” (0.2/2).

    · At 1:35 a.m., “Last Call with Carson Daly” averaged a 0.6/3 in metered-market households and a 0.2/2 in adults 18-49 in the 25 markets with local people meters.

    NOTE: Primetime results are based on “fast affiliate time period” data from Nielsen Media Research. All ratings are “live plus same day” unless otherwise indicated.

  3. The Odd Couple has become the biggest surprise to me during the spring season because I bet you even Matthew Perry thought he would have to find new work before this season began but the show has overachieved and done a solid job and tonight was a real test for the show with BBT’s season over now and it did very well in retention out of the BBT repeat and Mom. In a time where so many comedies these days are going fractional this show has stayed at or over 1.3 all year long with decent viewership numbers. It looks a lot more stronger to me than LiP which should be cancelled after it fails in that 9:30pm slot next where it’s gonna get exposed.

    Mom is looking good too as I’m feeling good again about CBS’ comedy future as the new sitcoms they picked up are simple for CBS comedy viewers to get into and hopefully one of them can fill in for BBT after that show leaves the air next season.

    • Not impressed at all with the new CBS sitcoms Kevin Can Wait and Man with a Plan. They may be the most generic CBS-type lame sitcoms CBS has ever had. Laugh tracks were rampant during each preview. So disappointing.

      The Great Indoors seems a little more witty thanks to Joel McHale.

      • You act like you weren’t expecting them to be simple comedies, that’s what CBS was going for with them. Based on your comedy tastes I can see why you weren’t into them though. Being wity doesn’t make a comedy great never remembered Two and a Half Men or King of Queens being wity to be successful they were simple low-IQ sitcoms that worked.

        • As ridiculous as 2.5 Men got near the end of its run, I definitely saw it for its humor when it began. And I liked King of Queens. It wasn’t a must-see but it had decent writing too.

          I believe these two new CBS sitcoms are vastly inferior. From previews, they seem bland and generic. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t flop because it’s what CBS does. But that certainly means I probably will avoid Kevin Can Wait and Man with a Plan at all costs.

          Although I prefer the comedies of ABC overall, my current top favorite on TV is Mom. What’s yours?

          • Well it is what it is both comedies may improve as times go on most comedy pilots are not strong out of the gate so you definitely have to judge the show by its 10th episode to see if there was any improvements. It will be interesting to see if both comedies can do well or not. The Odd Couple was being bashed badly when it came out and is still surprisingly surviving itself into a third season so you never know.

            Me personally I’m not a fan of niche comedies these simple low IQ comedies are my favorite and before it got cancelled Crowded was turning into my favorite but for right now Carmichael is my favorite comedy and Mom is very good also I would say Mom is behind Carmichael right now for me.

  4. Can someone please explain to me how that loser The Catch got renewed? The Catch is an example of a show that was expected to be a hit for ABC failing on them I’m expecting more failures from ABC not only in the comedy area but their new dramas too except Conviction. I don’t feel too much confidence in Notorious and Designated Survivor will flame out before season’s end. Thank God ABC still has Grey’s Anatomy right?

    I’m super interested to see how The Blacklist performs after Chicago Med next season as it’ll finally get some help but those comedies at 8pm are going to fail on them so Chicago Med will need to self-start like it did after Hollywood Game Night during the winter before The Voice came back. If the Blacklist can get remotely close to these numbers at 10pm that will be super interesting.

    John Cena was a failure in the WWE and now he’s a failure outside of the WWE on FOX now. He’s no Rock that’s for sure.

      • That’s what I figured so it’s clear then that Shonda has a lot of power over there and they aren’t trying to upset her.

    • If DS is mismanaged like Commander in Chief was, it will flame out. But this is from Mark Gordon, the man behind Grey’s and Quantico.

      Get used to DS.

      • Quantico is awful you better off leaving that one off and just saying Grey’s and I also remembered Quantico was supposed to be this huge hit and look how that one turned out. I believe ABC already made the mistake with DS by putting it on Wednesday at 10pm so they’ve already mismanaged it right there.

        • But where else could they have put DS AND have Conviction to succeed? Had DS and Conviction swapped times, Conviction would’ve had lower potential to succeed. Can’t do it Thursday because NFL would blunt it and Tues at 10pm hasn’t been great for any network show. Maybe Tues 9pm would’ve been a decent try but that would’ve denied their attempt at a 2-hour comedy block on the night. And Sundays are difficult because of Walking Dead and NFL.

          Wed 10pm was most logical for DS.

          • When you break it down that way I do agree there weren’t any good timeslots available really and I really agree with you about Conviction. The one thing I don’t agree with is that I think ABC should’ve made DS on Tuesdays at 9pm a priority over an unneeded 2-hour comedy block. ABC I felt like should’ve gone after that block when The Middle was a really hot comedy back in 2012 or 2013 or when they LMS on Tuesdays back in 2011-12.

            • But lest not forget — the person in charge at ABC was Paul Lee, the head of the scheduling chimps. It was a missed opportunity not doing a Tuesday comedy block a while ago but Dungey trying to rectify matters.

              ABC has tried unsuccessfully to generate much interest into Tuesdays in recent years. Trying a 2-hour comedy block IS necessary to initiate some improvement. They’ll still lose to CBS and NBC but will be an improved 3rd place on the night.

              • True dat Paul Lee definitely waited too long and I remember during those years people on various sites always saying ABC should’ve done that Tuesday comedy block way back then. If they would’ve kept LMS on Tuesdays they could’ve started to build that block back then because eventually DWTS stayed exclusively on Mondays making room but Paul Lee really thought AOS was really going to take off at 9pm and it never did so now Dungey is cleaning up his mess.

                I do believe this that DS on Tuesdays at 9pm would’ve improved the night by itself where a two-hour comedy block wouldn’t had been needed. It really didn’t matter in essence what genre of programming was there on Tuesdays they just needed something to improve the night after years of busts like just recently The Muppets.

                NBC gave them an opening by moving Chicago Med for unproven This Is Us.

  5. The Blacklist finale was superb. Great season. Should do fine at the 10PM hour in the fall since no network has a lock on that hour

  6. Yeah that’s the one problem with Carmichael right now is that it’s not a self-starter some of that has to do with NBC’s horrible handling of its comedy division right now. I think that is the one thing missing about the show it needs a major star on it and I think NBC lost an opportunity not at least having Steve Harvey guest starring on the show after LBS but they do need a big name like that. I feel like with some of NBC’s recent comedy failures that they’ve had good casting but no big huge stars to get people to watch. Like Crowded had the best cast they assembled for one of their multi-cams since the end of the Must See TV era days but they still didn’t have a superstar on there.

    NBC needs to really look at pouring more money into their comedies and getting a major star who will actually be in a better written comedy like Carmichael is and that might get them jumpstarted. They had Matthew Perry and Michael J. Fox and promoted those shows well but the shows themselves were terrible.

    I get what CBS is doing with Kevin James and Matt LeBlanc but I agree with you that the comedies aren’t going to be critical darlings and this could hurt both shows in the short-term where people sample them and never comeback. So I think a key to comedy these days is great scheduling, money in promotion, and big stars in a quality script.