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ABC Revives Trivia Game Show ‘The Chase’

The Chase” is on… American TV screens once again, that is.

According to Buzzerblog, the trivia game show is set for production for Fall 2020 and will air on ABC. The network is already the home to several other game shows, most of which are also revivals like “Match Game”, “Press Your Luck”, “Card Sharks”, “The $100,000 Pyramid” and the upcoming Leslie Jones-hosted “Supermarket Sweep.”

“The Chase” is a fast-paced trivia game show where a team of contestants vie to earn lots of cash while battling a master trivia expert who attempts to “chase” them out of the money. It originated in the United Kingdom in 2009; its U.S. version ran from 2013-15 on Game Show Network. Both regions’ versions featured “chaser”, Mark “The Beast” Labett. The American host was Brooke Burns. Its most notable contestant was James Holzhauer from 2014, who was the primary member of a three-person team to reach a score of 26 steps in the Final Chase round — still, a U.S. record for the program. Holzhauer would then earn one-third of an impressive team pot of $175,000, five years later, he’d become a “Jeopardy!” legend by winning 32 consecutive games and earning nearly $2.5 million during that period.

No word yet on who’ll host or be the game’s trivia expert “chasers” on the upcoming ABC edition.