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About Footballer Gio Reyna

Gio Reyna has emerged as one of the best up-and-coming soccer players in the world over the last few years. While his first World Cup experience was surrounded by controversy, the attacking midfielder is establishing himself as a star in the German Bundesliga. It shouldn’t be a surprise given his impressive lineage and his meteoric rise through youth soccer leagues. 

With the next World Cup coming to North America, you can expect Gio Reyna to be among the stars attempting to lead the US Men’s National Team to glory. His play in Europe as well as his performance in USMNT friendlies has fans believing he will be their next big star. 

Below we will take a look at Reyna’s background and rise to success, his pro career, and what his future may hold. Let’s get started by discussing his unique background and upbringing.

Where Did Gio Reyna Come From?

Gio had one big advantage over other youth soccer players, thanks to his parents. His father, Claudio Reyna, was a midfielder who played with the USMNT from 1994-2006 and in the English Premier League (EPL) from 2001-2007. Gio’s mother, Danielle Reyna, was also a talented soccer player that played briefly for the US Women’s National Team. That is a ton of talent in one family, making Gio’s success more of an expectation than a surprise. 

Reyna was born in England while his dad was playing for Sunderland in the EPL. The family moved to New York when Gio was five so that Claudio could end his career with the New York Red Bulls. While it marked the end of Claudio’s impressive career, it was just the start for Gio.

Gio Reyna’s Rise to Stardom

By age 13 he was added to New York City FC’s academy. As he trained at the academy, Reyna played for the US Youth Teams from 2016-2019. He scored a total of 15 goals over 34 appearances while doing so. His play at such a young age brought him a lot of attention, eventually landing him with a contract to play for a major European club.

Reyna would stay at the NY Academy until 2019, when he signed with Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga for the 2020 season. At just 17-years-old, he became the youngest US player to ever appear in the famed Bundesliga. The previous record holder was Christian Pulisic, who has since become one of the biggest stars in the world.

Reyna has made 75 appearances for Dortmund, scoring a total of 12 goals. Six of those goals have come in the 22-23 season, which is the third highest total on the team. His play has helped the club rise to second place in the league, and they are now +250 to win the league according to BetMGM Sportsbook. If they can overtake Bayern Munich and capture the Bundesliga title, expect Dortmund’s phone to start ringing with offers for the young midfielder.

In 2020 Gio Reyna also earned his first appearance with the USMNT. He joined a promising group of young stars to form the future of American Soccer. He has since made 18 appearances and scored four goals, but the midfielder did not see much of the pitch during the 2022 World Cup. While the details are murky as to why, there is hope that a change in USMNT leadership will help make him a key part of the team’s next World Cup run.

What Does the Future Hold for Gio Reyna?

Reyna signed a five-year contract with Dortmund back in 2020, but it is unknown if he will remain there after this season. His young age along with his impressive return from injury will have other major European Clubs come calling. 

While his World Cup controversy may have put a slight damper on that, his play in the Bundesliga has made up for it. He has been a big part of Dortmund’s impressive season, as they trail German powerhouse Bayern Munich by just one point. That means will have a chance to play in the Champions League, giving him even more international exposure.

While there are no clear favorites to acquire the star, the English Premier League seems like the top landing place for Reyna. He lived there for the first five years of his life as his dad played for Sunderland and Manchester City. After the success of Christian Pulisic going from Dortmund to the EPL, don’t be surprised if those clubs aggressively pursue Reyna. 

Wherever Reyna does end up, expect him to be a major soccer star for years to come.