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Academy of Art University Rolls Out New Program to Enhance Students’ On-Campus Living

Academy of Art University is on a mission to stand out from the competition with more than its   academics. The university distinguishes itself with a bevy of facilities designed with student comfort, accessibility, and ease in mind. This includes accommodations for both housing and learning activities for Academy of Art University’s main campus in San Francisco. There, students are encouraged to be more than just learners, but also part of a robust community of artists with similar interests and goals. The university blends opportunities for students to continue to learn in and around their residences with programs designed to encourage collaboration and experience sharing outside the classroom. 

The university’s residence hall communities are designed as inclusive living environments and provide full-time on-site students with guaranteed accommodations close to Academy of Art University’s main campus. Students have the choice to pay for housing out of pocket or via financial aid, with cost options varying depending on the specific facility, room type, and number of roommates. According to Postemski, all accommodations are designed to encourage personal and professional development through an immersive experience. 

Victor Postemski, Academy of Art University’s director of housing, recently weighed in on the student experience and what Academy of Art University does to encourage a safe and welcoming environment for its student body. And for Postemski, it all starts with a foundational program.

“A great reason to live in campus housing is because of the exposure and the access to so many different people, opinions, points of view, and life experiences. It enriches your environment,” explained Postemski. And every in-residence student has access to a complete suite of resources to help make their stay enjoyable and productive. “We all have different learned experiences. And so whatever we can do to help make someone’s experience on campus easier or more enjoyable is what we’d like to do.”

Academy of Art University strives for students to feel that their on-campus housing is a home away from home. Furniture is provided to make the move-in process easier, and a complete guide to housing helps pave the way for new students to understand exactly what to expect from the process. Students are encouraged to enjoy the move-in and live-in processes and explore opportunities for employment as resident assistants and senior resident assistants to get more involved with their community and contribute to the university’s diverse culture. 

“We have a programming model and we use this model to help make sure that we have a diverse array of programs. The model is called Live Learn Grow 3.0,” explained Postemski. This program is designed to balance student wellness with a blend of educational and fun-focused agendas, helping them balance their studies with a bit of entertainment and enjoyment along the way. “Students, as much as we want them to be studying and working on their projects and their art … they need a break. And so we need to provide those opportunities and those outlets for them.” 

“There are learning events and opportunities for them to learn additional skills. Sometimes we have [resident assistants] or student staff who are more advanced in their craft who might do a small seminar for their residents on sketching, basic sketching skills, or things of that nature,” commented Postemski. Students are always encouraged to collaborate and share their talents in informal settings that cultivate an environment of openness and communication.

Academy of Art University remains committed to the complete student experience, which can be seen through its dedication to the community as a whole. “To me,” shared Postemski, “a dorm is just a place where you sleep and shower. For us, residence halls are communities. It’s more than just a place where you sleep and shower. It’s a place where you meet lifelong friends.” 

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