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Advantages of Bespoke Software

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Bespoke software development is not a richness, but a need in a vibrant market. Particularly in a case when business is increasing, the next technological methods are being performed and it is necessary to guarantee full protection as well as confidentiality.

          Business mechanization

Business mechanization enables you to significantly optimize the operation of the enterprise and accelerate the implementation of all kinds of business rules.

Business mechanization is required to increase the efficiency of the company, the workforce, as well as to improve control.  On today’s market there is a considerable choice of solutions for most types of activities. In this case, all software products, if we talk about them in terms of uniqueness, can be divided into several types:

1 – The first is the standard software, the typical representatives of which are  graphic editors, office packages.

2 – Secondly, these are design systems, which in the process of implementation require significant debugging, despite the fact that they come in a standardized form (document management systems, accounting systems, ERP).

3 – Thirdly, these are unique information systems developed to order.

All these categories have their own advantages and disadvantages, occupy certain market niches.

          Advantages of implementing custom software

Service, rate, great potency – this is the best way, on the access to constant and huge gains. You can’t accomplish all this without a particular way.

The main advantages of implementing bespoke software are as follows:

Ø No necessity to give more money for a new workstation or buy a license every time. That is, once you make an individual product, you may practice it at your discretion;

Ø The uniqueness of the goods or lack of analogs. A customized solution can put competitors at a disadvantage because it won’t be available to them and they won’t be able to repeat the success of its owner;

Ø Personalized software can cooperate with standard applications;

Ø Improved potency and representation of the enterprise. An output, created by specialists, won’t only be individual but will get into account all the nuances of a singular structure. Simplification of processes and their acceleration are the “satellites” of constantly growing profits.

          Why is bespoke software development in increasing demand?

The most obvious, but not the only reason for choosing bespoke development is the existence of special businesses for which you can’t find a ready-made system. Another serious reason to order individual improvement of software is the need for a high degree of information security. As a rule:

ü Standardized or “boxed” systems are not able to satisfy these requirements. 

ü In such cases, bespoke software development is concentrated on a particular regulatory framework, on the creation of an integrated information protection system.

ü In this case, the procedure of expert review and obtaining a certificate of conformity is carried out.

ü Of great importance is the need to refine existing software, to provide technical support.

ü If the work is organized correctly, urgent client requirements can be met in the shortest possible time.

ü In the case of standardized and, moreover, “boxed” systems, this is out of the question.

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