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Aerial vs Satellite TV Installation

It is really difficult for a person to opt for the right option about the installation of dishes who has little and no knowledge about the installation of aerial and satellites. Experience and command play a major role in this field. It is not an easy task to differentiate between the new and old dish and satellite. To have the right choice you just need to go for professional help. But when it comes to taking professional help people often got confused to select one company out of numerous choices. For that purpose, you must do proper research about the company’s policy by visiting their site and learn more about their services through their website.


Aerial and satellite express is one of the best company known for its remarkable services. You can easily visit the sites of different companies on the internet and learn more about the policies of other companies as well. They prefer to use advanced technology to deal with the issues of TV aerial and satellite installation. It is said that the TV aerial services are much better than satellite installation. People often become double-minded when choosing between these two options. But with the help of professional help through reputed companies like aerial and satellite express you can easily get yourself out of this fuss.


The professionals in the team of Aerial and satellite express are qualified enough to give you valid and fruitful advice after viewing your house. They consider the space, budget, and quality of your TV aerial or satellite before installation.


Aerial and satellite dishes are totally different from each other. The programming thorough aerial is completely free that is the reason why it has limited channels as compared to satellite dishes. The aerial has a different radio frequency as compared to satellite. Aerial is efficient enough to pick two types of frequencies known as

  • UHF (Ultra high frequency)
  • VHF (Very high frequency)


On the other hand side, satellite dishes capture signals from satellites that are orbiting around. It has access to a vast number of channels. But it is quite expensive as compare to aerial as various satellite companies are offering monthly and yearly subscriptions as well.


The installation of satellite TV dishes is expensive as compared to TV aerial installation but it depends upon the choice and numerous other factors that play their role in perfect satellite or aerial installation. For a wise and fruitful decision, you must need to consult with a well-reputed company to enjoy the best aerial or satellite TV installation.