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All About Sarms?

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What are Sarms? Are sarms different from steroids? Why are people shifting towards sarms? Are sarms having side effects? How do sarms help bodybuilders?


The full form of Sarms is Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. Sarms connect to selective receptors.

Androgen is found in selected areas of our body like the muscle tissues and bones. As these are selective androgen receptors, they will only connect with androgen receptors which are present in muscle tissues and on bones and they help them to grow faster.

Once Sarms link to androgen receptors many changes in our body will happen as Muscle growth boosts, Our strength will be increased,

Because of using Anabolic supplements, the users are getting side effects so people are shifting to Sarms as they are having fewer side effects than Anabolic Supplements.

The idea of sarms came in the 1940s and was developed in the 1990s by a steroid chemist. Androgen receptors react with testosterone and byproducts of testosterone like de-hydrotestrostrone(DHT).DHT is more active than testosterone. Generally, DHT is not active in muscles. When we exercise, DHEA converts into DHT. DHEA is present in muscles before we do exercise.

It was firstly developed for patients to cure them of the problem of curing muscle.

Differences between sarms and steroids:

Sarms and steroids are different in many ways like the mechanism of Sarms and steroids are different because Sarms are only connected to only Androgen receptors present in muscle tissues and bones, but where the mechanism of steroids is completely different in our body. Sarms don’t raise estrogen levels. 

Why are people shifting towards sarms?

Sarms are widely sold on the internet replacing Steroids. This is because people believe that Sarms are not having any side effects. But many researchers are saying that we should research it.

Why are body builders preferring Sarms?

Nowadays bodybuilders are preferring sarms rather than steroids because Sarms have fewer side effects than steroids. Not only decreases fat percentage but also develops muscles fast. It also reduces the recovery time for muscle after training. Without sarms, if we develop for 6 months, with the help of sarms we can develop within one month only. It also depends upon the sarms we use. Reducing body fat is one of the pros of Sarms. Sarms shows some performance enhancements.

Different types of sarms


Ostarine is one of the drugs of Sarms which was made as medicine to cure a disease named osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease that is made to to cure the waste of muscle. Ostarine helps in the fast recovery of muscles from training stress. By taking it, we can work out with more workload easily. It also helps in muscle gain easily. Not only helps in growing the muscle but it also helps in not losing the previous muscle. It also reduces cholesterol in our bodies. It lowers blood glucose and increases insulin resistance, which helps to lose fat very easily. Ostarine is very effective for women than men.

A professional trainer used Sarms. He ordered Ostarine. He took his fire dose at lunchtime. He went jogging. Within some time he was anxious and shaky. After using it for a few days the anxiety became constant. within two weeks he saw the result of muscle growth in his body. After using two weeks he realized that his body was built as he had not expected. 

LGD 4033

Another Sarms drug is LGD 4033 which is one of the best Sarms recommended for Body Builders. It is 12 times 12 times stronger than Ostarine. It develops the reproductive system in males. It helps us to increase muscle power and improves the body mass of a lean person. It also raises the strength and stamina of a person.

A person joined Facebook groups and watch on youtube first, he ordered Ostarine and used it for a few days then he started seeing changes in the muscular structure of his body within a few days. so, he tried another sarm LGD 4033. It also helped him a lot to build his body. Finally, after two cycles of it, he stopped using it because he thought that it is enough.


YK-11 increases muscle mass quickly. It gives muscle mass very quickly. YK 11 structure is based on steroids. If you block myostatin, which will help you to get a big structure. Bodybuilders use Yk11 for a 5-8 weeks cycle to grow the body. They take 5-30 mg of it. There are Some experiences of side effects 

One of the side effects is hair Loss. Another side effect is joint pains. 

By using YK-11 for 6 weeks a person gained 10 pounds of mass. That person gain strength by next week. Rapid muscle growth is observed. It also has a fast recovery time. It is recommended for 3 doses of capsules a day. It is taken before the first meal.

Yk bulk is also like YK-11, but it has very fewer effects than YK BULK.


It accelerates muscle growth fast and also increases the strength of the muscle. Because of AR simulation Muscle mass has been increased. It has some fat-burning properties Not only increasing muscle mass but also it increases Metabolic Rate. It’s proud that it has very less side effects. Many users use it for 50mg as a dose. It also hardens the muscle. It increases performance. Andarine is not legal in Australia. We can use it with a doctor’s prescription. Many people gained easily 5lb of mass in the s4 cycle. Many people list 5-6% fat in the S4 cycle. Generally, the recovery time from a big gym session to the muscle is 3 days but by taking this drug the recovery time decreases to 1 day.


They both have the same abilities they decrease fat, increase stamina, and increase muscle mass. 

Some of the differences are that Ostarine has fewer side effects compared to Andarine. Ostarine is a beginner compound. Andarine has dry look compared to Ostarine.