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All About Walmart “Done For You” & How to Start Your Own Store

Walmart is an immense platform with an enormous audience, making it the ideal place for expanding your eCommerce business and reaching new audiences. Selling on Walmart Marketplace not only increases prestige and credibility for your brand, but it can also generate additional revenues and expand customer bases.

However, automation services aren’t cheap; they typically cost between $20K and $35K and take approximately six months before showing results. So why is this new, innovative model so appealing to thousands of business-owners across the US?

What is a Walmart “Done for You” Store?

Walmart ‘Done for you’ stores are an innovative eCommerce store solution designed to enable sellers to join the market without investing in inventory. Sellers leverage third-party service providers’ resources in managing logistics and daily operations; service providers make money through charging a fee and splitting profits with sellers; in addition, these service providers also offer products listing on the Marketplace, branding your store’s look, optimizing it for growth, automating workflows – helping create near passive income on the Marketplace.

According to this article, the Marketplace is growing five times faster than Amazon and provides many tools to help sellers succeed. Unfortunately, getting approved as a seller on their platform can take some time – meaning any launch of your online business might be delayed by this factor alone! Therefore, creating a plan before starting is vitally important.

Once you’ve decided to open a  ‘Done for You’ store, the first step in setting it up will be creating an account on the official Marketplace and submitting necessary documents. You can do this using their seller app which guides users step-by-step in becoming registered as sellers and authenticating identity.

How to Open Your Own Store

Starting your done for You Store begins with an initial consultation meeting. Here, you and your chosen automation service provider can discuss your goals and expectations to develop a strategy that meets both business objectives and customers’ requirements.

After your consultation, it will be necessary to submit an application to Walmart marketplace ( This can be an intimidating task as it involves inputting a significant amount of information such as primary product categories, catalog size, and any details about your business that need to be included in order for the application process to move along quickly and without delays. Be patient as this step takes time!

Once your account is established, you can start listing products on Walmart Marketplace using various methods (CSV file bulk upload feature or API integration, for instance). When selecting trending and high-demand items that speak to your audience’s interests, selecting these will help your product stand out amongst competitors and increase chances of sales conversions; expedited shipping options can further attract more customers and improve conversion rates.

Cost of Opening Your Own Store

Walmart Done for You Store is a revolutionary service that takes dropshipping to an entirely new level. This revolutionary business model allows eCommerce entrepreneurs and investors to generate passive income without worrying about managing an online store, while its hands-free approach offers scalability so you can quickly expand your reach and increase profits.

The cost of a Walmart Done for You Store depends on the specific services required. When considering its benefits – time saved and increased revenue generated – make sure the automation services company offers a money-back guarantee which protects your investment.

At Walmart, not everyone who applies to sell on their platform will be accepted. In order to meet certain requirements and be considered, such as past marketplace or Ecommerce success. Many Walmart automation services offer guarantees to help their clients gain entry.

Benefits of Selling Through the Marketplace

Do-it-for-you stores (DFT stores) are eCommerce businesses managed by third-party firms that take full responsibility for listing products, running ads, optimizing the website for growth and overseeing any necessary repairs. While these stores provide an easy solution for those wanting to take the strain of running their own business off their hands, there can be costs involved: approximately between $15,000 to $50,000 up front depending on which company is chosen as your partner.

It is crucial to do your due diligence prior to making a decision as some services may fail to deliver as promised and incur losses of money, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be without benefits. Some of the other benefits of starting your Walmart Done for You Store include passive income generation and eliminating the time required to manage an online business. While these services typically require an initial investment and revenue sharing agreement, this model can be attractive for those with existing investments or full-time jobs who do not wish to take on additional responsibilities.

Walmart Done for You Stores can help your business reach a wider audience, which can be especially useful if other marketing channels or markets have become saturated. These companies can help create a brand that customers trust while building loyal followings; they may provide other benefits like phone support and strategic advisory services as well as warehouse space to fulfill orders and shipping.