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All That You Wanted To Know and More About Meteorite Wedding Rings

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As the name suggests, meteorite rings are made from the debris of meteorites that fall to earth from outer space. Because of its rarity and uniqueness, it has become popular as a jewelry material in recent times though the practice is age-old. Take a look at the pros and cons of meteorite wedding rings, but before that understand what they are made from.

Meteorite – A Special Material

Apart from the uniqueness of meteorites, the material is loved by people as a jewelry material because of its natural patterns resulting from the growth of the nickel-iron crystals. These patterns develop due to the hot meteorite cooling slowly over millions of years. The crystalline patterns, revealed after professional cutting and polishing are distinctive, and an authentic indication of its origin. A majority of the meteorites falling to Earth are Stony meteorites with large silica content. Metallic meteorites containing iron, cobalt, and nickel are relatively rarer. The type of meteorites coveted for use in jewelry is Stony-metallic and a combination of the other two types. It is prized for its beautiful looks and its rarity. According to Insider, quoting a BBC report, the price of meteorites does not depend on their size.

Truly Unique Looks

One of the chief attractions of rings with meteorite is that no two are identical. You will observe that there is a difference in the natural patterns of each that makes it truly one-of-a-kind. Moreover, each meteorite ring is a labor of love because it requires the jeweler to have a special skill and put in hard labor to bring out the beauty of the natural patterns in the meteorite to perfection. Despite their distinctively different patterns, you can ask your jeweler to give you a matching pair for a truly unique set of wedding rings. While you can always buy a ring entirely made of meteorite from Mens Wedding, it is more common to find rings made of gold, platinum, titanium, etc., with an inlay of a meteorite or an exquisitely carved center stone in place of the traditional diamond.

Establishing the Authenticity of Meteorite Rings

With most people unable to make out the real thing, it is a powerful impetus for fraudsters to make a quick buck. You can perform a magnet test to see if there is an attraction. Because of the high iron content, meteorites are usually attracted to magnets. Also, meteorites tend to rust due to the same reason. However, you can only observe this over time as new rings will be highly polished. Finally, you should buy only from reputable jewelers who will also provide a certificate of authenticity for peace of mind. Learning how to identify the distinctive molecular pattern of meteorites is also a good way of checking out its authenticity.


Despite their trial by fire, meteorite rings need some amount of care and maintenance. Keeping it away from moisture will help prevent the formation of rust. Don’t wear it while doing the dishes, taking a shower, or a dip in the pool. Keep it away from harsh chemicals like detergents and cosmetics. Wash it with warm soapy water and pat dry for best results.