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All You Need to Know About London Pound Cake

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A decadent bliss is what London pound cake is for those who want their weed strong. The descendant of lemon sherbet, London pound cake consists of 70% Indica. Thanks to this Indica-dominant composition, this strain delivers an unmatched state of calm and relaxation. However, get ready to have the initial high. After this, it hits differently.

On top of that, London pound cake strain does not bring about dizziness or sleep. Instead, get ready to experience complete calm and enhanced focus. A California based company is the pioneer of this strain but they did not disclose their production secrets yet. However, it is pretty clear that CBD percentage is zero while THC percentage reaches as high as 30%. In this article, we will try to have a bird’s eye view of London pound cake strain.

Deconstructing Genetics of London Pound Cake Strain

Do we know the bloodline of this strain? The answer delights because it is both yes and no. Its genetics are a complete secret and amazingly well-known. Although this phenomenon is not unique to the cannabis market, the puzzle remains unsolved. Sherbet, which is quite a famous cross between Pink Panties and GSC, is one of the parents of the London pound cake strain. Sherbinksi created this strain and came up with this masterpiece using cookies genetics.

On the other hand, the Cookies Fam breeders crossed sherbet with a mysterious Indica strain to create a London pound cake. This parentage is still unknown to others. Perhaps they keep the mystery to themselves, leaving fans to guess. As soon as it was made public, the London pound cake caused a stir. London Purpz and Cheetah Piss are its offspring, and both have their own fan following. Many customers seek this strain for its anxiety-busting and sedative characteristics.

Flavors of London Pound Cake

Only cannabinoids don’t define weed strains. Equally important are terpenes. The latter are aromatic substances that bring about the aroma, flavor, and effects of cannabis plants. When it comes to London pound cake, it comes with the sweet terpene profile of a Southern bakery. Following are the three primary terpenes:

  • Citrusy limonene
  • Earthy myrcene
  • Peppery caryophyllene

When combined, these terpenes produce a tasty and rich aroma with hints of butter, lemon and vanilla. And taking a hit of this strain resembles the taste and flavor of doughy dessert.

Properties of London Pound Cake

Just like terpenes and THC diamonds, this compound is incredibly rich in potency. Typically, it consists of 30% THC and does not go as under 20%. Therefore, it can cause robust highs. Newcomers must take note of that.

In addition to THC cannabinoid, this product also comes with up to 1% of CBG. Not only is this non-psychoactive, but it is also commonly used in therapeutic practices. CBG is akin to reducing stress, which is a fact given the super relaxing effects of London pound cake.

Robust “High” by London Pound Cake

If you want to enjoy pure bliss and a robust buzz, nothing can serve you better than London pound cake. At first, there are cerebral effects, and then you are engulfed in a potent and pleasant high. This is what this compound does until you have enveloped it completely. Get ready to suck on your couch and experience complete relaxation. This aromatic compound is indica at its best.

Those who have difficulty in going to bed, London pound cake is the best option because it sends you to your dreamland in minutes. Besides that, it gives a boost to creativity and productivity.

Medical Use of London Pound Cake

Because of its relaxing and calming effects, London pound cake can potentially address issues of stress and fatigue. Besides that, the mood-lifting effects of this strain can be a blessing for those who experience depression. Users who experienced “high” also claim to get:

  • Calm
  • Uplifting
  • Euphoric effects
  • Relaxation
  • Happiness

Recreational Use of London Pound Cake Strain

As far as recreational use is concerned, London pound cake strain is the best choice for those who want to shrug off monotonous, daily routines and chill out with friends. It is an excellent recipe to get yourself ready for sleep. If you use it in moderate quantities, it can relax the body in addition to keeping the mind creative, focused and productive. Based on the above effects, you must order London pound cake according to your needs and preferences.

For recreational purposes, this organic substance works best to alleviate:

  • Lack of appetite
  • Physical pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress  

The fact remains that London pound cake is more suitable for seasoned users because it contains one of the heaviest indica. If used excessively, it can also cause paranoia and dizziness. For those who find it excessively potent, the Spacecake strain is a better alternative because it contains lower levels of THC.

Weed Vape Pods and Vape Pens: A Perfect Combination for London Pound Cake Strain

Everybody knows that consuming cannabis is not only limited to flowers. Vaping is one of the most preferred ways because it is discreet and easy to use. You can enjoy this succulent and sweet strain with weed vape pods and vape pens. London pound cake strain is ideal for extraction thanks to its resinous buds and strong terpene profile.

As soon as you take the first puff, you feel its stony and robust effects. It only takes a couple of rips. So, London pound cake vape pens or weed pods are a confectionary delight, needless to talk about vanilla frosting and lemon loaf.

Concluding Remarks

In short, if your choice is to find a strain with a delicious, sweet taste that also bestows deep feelings of relaxation, London pound cake is what you are looking for. The offspring of India-centric sherbet and a mysterious parent, it gives calming effects, extremely pleasant flavors, and an enhanced sense of focus and productivity. Since it is extremely potent, it is better to be used by experienced smokers. Lastly, you should use London pound cake by keeping in mind what you want to achieve and what your body needs.