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All You Need to Know About Tax Declarations in Austria

Are you employed in Austria? If you are employed in the medical field, then you can take relevant tax advice doctor to gain maximum benefits. It is recommended to trust Steuerberatung Arzt only from the industry experts.  

As a professional in Austria like a doctor, you might be eligible to claim a tax refund. Whether you are a doctor or any other professional, it is crucial to understand which deductions you are able to claim. To understand tax deductions in the country, you can think of hiring help from a reliable Arzt Steuerberatung Wien or consultant.

Calculation of Income Tax in Austria

Are you fearing all the paperwork that is associated with the tax season? As soon as the tax season hovers around, it is crucial to have a closer look at your receipts and payslips. Moreover, when you are employed in Austria -like a professional doctor, you are expected to pay a specific amount of income tax every year.  

The good news is that whether you are involved in the profession of medicine or office-based work, you are able to declare the respective work-related expenses while receiving a refund from the tax office.  

In Austria, when you have an annual earning of more than €1,000, then you are expected to pay the income tax. There are multiple tax brackets. This implies that the actual tax rate you will be paying will depend on your annual salary. The highest tax rate can up to 55 percent with the lowest being at 25 percent. The tax office is responsible for calculating the total amount you are expected to pay every month out of your gross salary. However, this might not be the case at all times. It is because you might end up changing careers, taking a sabbatical, or even looking for a new job. 

Whatever might be your reason, if you have made an earning less than the original assumption during the subsequent months, there is a higher chance that you have paid excess tax for the given months. Additionally, there are several tax allowances in Austria that eventually contribute to ensuring your refund -like having children or commuting. There are several ways to minimize tax burden as a professional in Austria.

How to Maximize Your Tax Return Savings in Austria? 

Your ANV or Arbeitnehmerveranlagung can be filed in the form of tax return in Austria through some reliable financing party. There are two popular ways to file ANP in Austria, including: 

  • The fully automated process -no requirement of filling up forms 
  • Filing manually with some reliable provider  

When you wish to file income tax returns in Austria as a professional, here are some pointers to look into: 

  • Work-related Expenses: Work-specific uniform, the smartphone bill, or even materials for professional development, in the form of an employee will be regarded as work-related expenses that will be tax-deductible in Vienna. Some of the common income-related expenses that can be deducted from your annual taxes in Vienna are: 
  • Work-related equipment 
  • Home office furniture and supplies 
  • Work clothing 
  • Double housekeeping 
  • Vehicles 
  • Transportation costs 
  • Internet or phone bills 
  • Work council or union dues 
  • Advanced or further training courses 
  • Professional development materials 
  • Accommodation and travel expenses 
  • Home-office Standard Deduction: Have you been working from home since the advent of the pandemic? In this case, you might have to incur additional expenses like monthly internet bills or a new laptop. Until 2022, employees in Vienna are able to declare a tax deduction of around €300 from the respective income taxes with the help of the home office standard deduction.  


The amount gets deducted by default when you would file taxes. To top it all, you are able to declare another amount of €300 for office furniture. Usually, home office supplies are also regarded as work-related expenses. This implies that it is worthwhile to deduct them individually instead of taking the automated lumpsum amount of €132. 


  • Unexpected Medical Expenses: Unexpected medical expenses you might have in 2021 are also regarded as tax-deductible. The only condition is that the expenses should exceed the personal capacity of an individual to pay. These will include medical bills, braces, and other expenses that are not covered by your health insurance, nursing expenses, healthcare expenses, and other expenses related to a particular physical disability. 


  • Commuting Allowance: Do you commute to work on a daily basis? You can consider saving even more! Commuting allowances are yet another work-related expenses. Still, in most cases, they are already settled in your monthly salary. For this, your employer makes use of the L34 EDV form.  


If the commuting allowance has not been accounted for in your monthly salary, you can go ahead with declaring the same in your annual tax assessment. It is recommended to go in depth in your pay slip while reaching out to your employer if you have any doubts. 


  • Child Allowance and More: Do you reside in Vienna with your family? If you have kids at the age of 10 years or even younger, you can claim deductions in the form of child care expenses on the respective tax return. Moreover, when you are a single parent, the age limit will not apply. This implies that you are able to claim the child care expenses for around €2,300.  


Tuition fees of around €110 monthly are also regarded as tax-deductible. In case you receive child allowance or Kindermehrbetrag, then also you are able to deduct the expenses from the annual income tax.


As a medical professional, it is recommended to follow relevant doctor tax advice Vienna to expect the best outcomes. A reliable provider like Weinhandl is capable of delivering professional tax advice for doctors. With a professional advisor at your side, you can concentrate effectively on your practice while taking care of your patients. The professionals here ensure that you are not required to pay taxes exceedingly while maximising savings. 

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