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3 Times People In Movies Needed Insurance

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Have you ever been watching an action film and wondered what it would be like if you were one of the characters in the background? While the heroes or superheroes might be worried about taking down the antagonists, there’s often a lot of collateral damage. 

It’s easy to see why the Avengers might not be able to stop otherworldly aliens from destroying New York City, and they do generally try their best to keep this destruction from happening. But, even still, sometimes the Hulk might accidentally smash too many cars he shouldn’t. 

So, when you’re watching these kinds of movies, you may even think to yourself, “I hope those people had insurance” when you see a bad guy get dropped on a car. 

Here are a few of those times we really hope people in movies had a good insurance plan

1. Pretty Much Every Avengers Film

The Marvel Cinematic Universe might be one of the most popular franchises of all time. Still, it’s pretty apparent that the average people living in this world of superheroes and villains don’t have it so easy. 

Whether it’s the first Avengers movie where much of New York City got destroyed or collateral damage in places like Sokovia, many people in this world need a good insurance plan: for their homes, cars, and more. 

Then, there’s the issue of Thanos and the disappearance of half the universe. What happened to everyone’s stuff when they were brought back to life? What if someone else was already living in your house? The logistics of half the universe ceasing to exist and then coming back five years later are a nightmare! 

2. The Fast and Furious Franchise

When you watch these movies, it’s clear that the main characters aren’t generally too worried about car insurance. However, for people near them, this should be a top priority. When you’re dealing with street racing and heists in your area, you never know what could happen to your car, your business, or anything else. What if a heist and car chase mean you end up having to swerve on the road and out of the way? In that case, you’ll want the premium insurance plan in place.

Another interesting note about this franchise is how, in real life, they had to crash and destroy 250 cars just for The Fast and Furious 5

3. All The Things That Happen In Gotham

It’s not surprising to fans of any Batman comic or movie that Gotham isn’t the safest city to live in. Not only are there the usual crimes to contend with, just like we have in our world. Then, on top of that, there are some extreme and cruel villains to deal with: like the Joker. Living under this kind of fear would be very stressful, and this is easy to see when you watch films like The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

 In these movies, football fields get destroyed, tunnels collapse, and the city descends into chaos. So, assuming you made it out alive, you’d definitely want good insurance to cover damage to any property. In fact, you might just want to try and move away altogether. 

Have you ever been watching a movie and wondered what life would be like for the regular people going to work and living their lives? If so, we wonder if there’s a specific time that stood out for you. When did YOU think a character in a movie needed good insurance? Share your thoughts below!