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Altered State Productions’ New Podcast Takes Off

Introducing Echoes of Influence: A Blender Podcast,  a deep dive into the fascinating world of media production, commercials, brands, and movies.

Echoes of Influence is brought to you by Altered State Productions’ Content Director Domenique Comparetto, along with Eddie Castillo, Juno Complex, and Vigilantes Radio. This podcast intersects business and art, delivering a mind-riveting journey with its rich soundscapes and captivating stories.

In each episode, you’ll get to hear investigative interviews, carefully curated music, and special effects that make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. The debut episode, “It Sounds Complex,” takes you on a journey with musical artist JunoComplex, who’s rediscovered his artistry despite severe memory loss. You’ll also learn about Sonic Branding and how companies create those catchy audio logos and jingles we all know and love.

Expect to be transported by the immersive music production and intense narratives, with each episode offering industry insights and trends. It’s a show that will challenge and inspire you, exploring how sound influences branding and impacts our daily choices.

Altered State Productions is known for their visually stunning media, and now they’re bringing that same creative edge to the podcast production. They’ve blended storytelling expertise with audience engagement strategies to produce captivating content that you won’t want to miss. 

“We’re incredibly proud of Echoes of Influence and believe it offers unique value to listeners interested in the nexus of art, business, and media,” said Domenique Comparetto. “We hope to provide an accessible platform for listeners to engage with the complex world of Audio Branding, and how it influences their daily lives.”

So, whether you’re a media pro or just curious about how your favorite ads and films come together, this podcast is for you. Echoes of Influence: A Blender Podcast is now available on Spotify, iTunes, iHeartRadio, and other major platforms. 

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