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America Loves Netflix, So Does Rest of the World

Streaming platforms are taking the world by storm, and they are not stopping any time soon. Find out why here! 

Why America Can’t Quit on Demand Streaming Services

On-demand streaming services and platforms are a new phenomenon. Nobody has thought it would be possible, but it’s truly happening – TV is beating the big screen, and it has been doing it for a while already. We live in the golden age of TV, and that’s a great thing, especially if you are cinema buffs. Granted, streaming platforms such as Netflix do focus the majority of their efforts on TV series, but it’s still cinema. It’s like you’re unconsciously looking for the best from every entertainment, even at the casino bonus site, so you always go to

Streaming platforms just offer a much better level of cinematic experience and entertainment, and America can’t silence them. From HBO Max to Netflix, to Hulu, to Amazon Prime, to Disney+, there are so many fantastic options to try. As Casino Bonuses Finder product owner Tony Sloterman says, demand for entertainment is at peak levels, especially after 2020. Here are several reasons why Americans love streaming platforms and everything they have to offer. 

#1 Streaming Platforms Are Convenient

Look, the main reason is that streaming platforms are truly convenient. You will notice that about them immediately. They are not limited to a single device at all, and you can jump around and pick any platform you enjoy the most. There is no actual limitation on how much you can watch as well or at what device you can access platforms such as Netflix, whether that is Android, iOS, or something different. 

#2 On-Demand Streaming Brings Quality Productions

It’s true. While you would expect TV to be a lower-cut type of production, the truth is that many TV productions are quite successful at creating worthwhile shows that consumers just can’t part ways with. We are talking about some outstanding productions such as Watchmen, Stranger Things, True Detective, The Witcher, and so many stunning shows you would be interested in watching, not to mention The Mandalorian! 

#3 Streaming Platforms Are Affordable

One of the main reasons why streaming platforms are so great is the fact of how affordable they are. You don’t have to spend much to have access to some excellent TV, and that is precisely why people end up enjoying these platforms and pick them over most other forms of entertainment.

They are cheap, but they bring you possibly endless entertainment right to your fingertips. Of course, you can get a little “fatigued” by all the streaming platforms out there, but the truth is you will definitely appreciate them and possibly never cancel your subscriptions just because of how good they are. 

More great shows are being created all the time, and old ones are always there waiting for a re-run. That’s what we all need as consumers and fans of good cinema! For just $20 a month, you can see shows that you didn’t even know existed, and they will be well worth your while! And the best part? You can start a free HD trial right away!

#4 Never Forget Your Favorite Shows

Last but not least, you have a unique storage space online for your favourite show and never miss an episode. Or, if you have forgotten about a show, you may stumble upon it by surprise! Get to watch your all-time beloved shows through a convenient platform!