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An Increasing Number of us are using our Smartphones to Watch TV Online

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An increasing number of British and American audiences are using their smartphones to watch their favourite TV shows online according to a recent poll from British Think-tank YouGov.  The study confirms that one in eight Brits watch TV on their phone each day with most users being “tech savvy young people”. In the USA, more people are streaming TV shows and movies on their smartphones due to unlimited mobile data plans, according to MarketingCharts.

Some of the statistics state that of more than 5,000 US consumers, around 84% have confirmed that they have a smartphone in their household with 51% of them stating that streaming movies or TV programs is very easy on their smartphone devices. The popularity of streaming services such as Netflix and TV shows including Squid Game has meant that the western population continue to move away from their TV sets to view their favourite movies and TV shows via tablet devices and mobile phones.

Online Streaming Services Rated as Excellent

The increasing number of people switching to watching TV on their smartphones state that they are also influenced by the quality and variety of the selection which streaming apps and services provide. Over half of the Netflix user base rate their content as excellent whilst the same can be said of Amazon Prime users too. Regular television shows don’t give their viewers any say on what they want to watch, the schedule is the schedule and there is no arguing with it. Unlike streaming services, which are setup for the user to pick the exact show they want to watch, whenever they feel like watching it. 

YouTube is another streaming service which the younger generation are choosing over regular television channels. Some well-known critics such as Jordan Peterson have already spoken about how they anticipate that YouTube will soon completely kill television. Smartphones are often used to view YouTube too.

Other Modern Day Smartphone Uses

Of course, smartphones are used for a lot more now than simply making phone calls. As well as being used to watch television channels, users can now use their phones to stream Netflix and Amazon Prime shows, although we would recommend iPads as the best option for binge watching television series. An increasing number of people are using their mobile devices to play online games too, especially online casino games.

Mobile Casinos

Online mobile casinos are now among the most accessed websites on the internet. Thanks to the advancements in technology, most notably, HTML 5 which is able to run casino games smoothly on mobile phones, casino players now user their mobiles to access online casinos more than any other device. In addition, online casinos are accessed ten-fold more than land-based casinos and the best mobile slots are among the most popular online games in the whole world. In fact, mobile gamers are the most prolific gamers around.

Online Gaming

Whilst mobile phones are no used to watch Television, they are also used for online gaming. Gen Y and Gen Z are prolific mobile gamers, with the mobile gaming industry estimated to be worth over $150 billion by 2027. The increasing availability of high-speed internet as well as the decreasing price of smartphones has meant that a greater number of the world population are now able to own a mobile phone – thus, the number of online mobile gamers has increased too.

What Next For Television?

Whilst there is still a demand for television channels (sports channels especially), it is without a doubt a sliding trend. Even sports channels are struggling to stop people from watching their streams online for free. Whether or not we see the day where TV channels decide to pack up their bags remains to be soon. In the UK, the likes of ITV and BBC are doing their best to ensure that their streaming services are staying competitive with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. But it goes without saying that the latter have huge budgets compared with most terrestrial TV companies.

To put it simply, in order to survive, all companies need to embrace the online world.