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An Inebriated Don Lemon Ushers in the Year 2020 in Nashville on CNN

In recent years, CNN has established a New Year’s Eve tradition — Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen at New York’s Times Square, and Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin celebrating from a town in the Central time zone. For most of Lemon’s and Baldwin’s past New Year’s appearances in New Orleans, the holiday was an opportunity for Lemon to openly exhibit drunken behavior on-air. The celebration to welcome in 2020 was no different as Lemon and Baldwin were in Nashville, Tenn.

Various moments showcasing a tipsy Lemon included drunkly singing an original tune about himself entitled “All We Need is Good Drinks and Dumb Jokes”, declaring to run for President of the United States, performing an entirely off-pitch version of “Auld Lang Syne” at midnight CST, and repeatedly teasing a big announcement throughout the night which turned out to be his new arm tattoos (which Baldwin had questioned their authenticity). Take a look: